Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

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Chapter 48 For the sake of the Duan family, you must give up marrying her

If he had met such a wonderful girl when he was young, he would have been moved as well.

That was why he could understand his grandson and helped Duan Xing Yuan succeed in getting engaged to Gu Qing Yu despite his parents disapproval.

But now, the situation was different.

Gu Qing Yu was clean at first, but she was no longer clean now.

That messy family of hers would also become a liability sooner or later.

Now that his grandson’s status was different, he couldn’t allow such a girl to affect his grandson’s future and the betterment of their Duan family.

Moreover, now, his grandson, who had always been obedient, was threatening him over this girl, saying that if he didn’t let them get married, he would never come back?

Elder Duan’s face was very ugly. He wasn’t someone who was threatened so easily.

Duan Xing Yuan also realized that what he said had angered Elder Duan, hence he said somewhat uneasily, “Grandfather, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to threaten you…”

His grandfather had always been someone who could only be coaxed but not coerced, and Duan Xing Yuan realized that he had strayed a little. The old man had been too nice to him, causing him to briefly forget that he wasn’t that nice to talk to, especially when it came to things he disagreed with.

“But, grandfather, you know I’ve always loved Qing Yu….. and I’ve done so much for her. I even went all the way to S City….. for me to give up just like that, I’m not willing!”

Duan Xing Yuan took a deep breath, “Haven’t you taught me since I was a child that you can’t do business transactions that incur losses?”

For Gu Qing Yu, he had lost a lot of money, but he thought it was just an investment that he would get back even if he got her in the future.

To give up just like that, he really wasn’t willing to do it.

Elder Duan was silent for a moment, “For the sake of the Duan family, you must give up marrying her.”

“Grandpa!!” Duan Xing Yuan was a little desperate.

“What’s the hurry?” The old man snorted coldly, “I only asked you not to marry her, I didn’t say I’m stopping you two from being together.”

Duan Xing Yuan’s face changed, “Grandfather’s meaning is…”

“With her status, it’s enough for her to be your favorite woman. You can give her everything else except the status of Young Madam Duan.”

Duan Xing Yuan fell silent.

He knew what the old man meant. He wanted him to marry someone suitable and then keep Gu Qing Yu as a lover. If he Duan Xing Yuan could do it, then the old man wouldn’t mind.

His father had done the exact same thing, otherwise how could he have an illegitimate son as old as Duan Xing Chen? Moreover, his father could hide it from his mother and him, but definitely not from his grandfather, which meant that his grandfather must have known about it a long time ago….

So, his grandfather was now asking him to follow his father’s path…

But he and his mother hated his father for this very reason…

Duan Xing Chen would definitely not end up well, no matter what his father did…

Duan Xing Yuan lowered his eyes, silent for a moment before saying, “….. I can do that. However, grandfather….. I can marry another woman, but it is only Gu Qing Yu who can have my son.”

He would never allow the woman he loved, as well as the child they gave birth to, to end up without the kingdom he had worked so hard to build.

He could marry a woman he didn’t love, but that woman could only occupy the status of Young Madam Duan. He wasn’t going to give her the chance to give birth to his son.

Elder Duan didn’t care about any of this, nodding, “As you wish.”

Duan Xing Yuan finally turned around to leave, satisfied. However, he didn’t notice that after he left, Elder Duan’s eyes went cold.

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4 thoughts on “Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

  1. Duan trash suddenly claiming ownership on MC’s womb and what she’s supposed to do with her body in the future has push him into cannon fodder territory

  2. Can old say the description is split between 300ch arc since this is know where near her dumping him

  3. what interesting is the villains here has realistic crooked principle/personality, instead of being 2D. i like it.

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