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Chapter 273 Could it be that he was still not over Gu Qing Yu?!

He didn’t like to drink. At most he drunk wine sometimes when he was being emotional, so how come today that Gu Qing Yu was getting married, he was drinking like this?!

Could it be that he was still not over Gu Qing Yu?!

Mu Ai was so angry that she peeked at Duan Xing Yuan’s phone while he was taking a shower and found a bunch of pictures of him and Gu Qing Yu in his photo album and just as she was furious, Duan Xing Yuan came out and happened on this scene. Already in a bad mood, Duan Xing Yuan was instantly ignited, “What are you doing? Couples need privacy too don’t you know that!!!”

Gritting her teeth, Mu Ai slammed the phone down hard, “Fine, I’ll give you back your privacy!”

Duan Xing Yuan looked down at his smashed phone and was so angry that he almost wanted to hit her, but Mu Ai wasn’t afraid of him. She went up to him instead, “Go ahead, I dare you. Let’s see if my uncle and Sir will let you go!”

It wasn’t certain whether Sir would bother with her, but Mu Xuan Lin definitely would.

Holding back his anger, Duan Xing Yuan picked up his phone and went outside to fix it. It was just a fall, so the pictures should come back, but he didn’t expect that after his phone was fixed, the pictures on it would disappear as soon as he refreshed it.

Furious, Duan Xing Yuan thought it was Mu Ai, because the guy at the shop didn’t even touch the contents, as it was just the screen that was damaged. It must have been Mu Ai. Because she was furious, she had hired someone to hack into his phone.

Duan Xing Yuan now regretted it immensely. He shouldn’t have chosen Mu Ai in the first place, she wasn’t valued by the Mu family at all, however the Mu family wouldn’t allow her to be bullied by others, so now he was just like a princess consort from ancient times. He had to listen to the princess in everything, but what he got from the princess was very limited, what’s more the princess was also very rude and overbearing.

Annoyed, Duan Xing Yuan went out for a drink. Sun Caiyu was also a little annoyed. Ever since she went to Gu Qing Yu thinking that she might be her father’s illegitimate daughter, her relationship with her father had become better. Moreover, after learning what her mother had done back then, she understood and even sympathized with him. Her father, Sun Mingyuan also made friends with his grown-up daughter for the first time, and Sun Caiyu felt that her family had become much more harmonious than before.

However she was almost at the age where she had to get married.

Her parents had been arranging blind dates for her these past few months and there were indeed some good matches, however none of them were as good as Duan Xing Yuan. Furthermore now that she was going on dates regularly, she wasn’t happy at all, because every time she went on a date, it just felt like she was completing a task.

After yet another date today, she was also in a bad mood and so drove around aimlessly and then, saw a clearly somewhat annoyed Duan Xing Yuan enter a bar….

Sun Caiyu’s heart jumped. After he got married, she hadn’t seen him for a long time, after all Mu Ai’s background wasn’t that bad, so she thought that they would be happy, but from what she had heard recently, that didn’t seem to be the case?

Moving like a ghost, Sun Caiyu followed him in….

Mu Ai wasn’t idle either. As soon as Duan Xing Yuan left, she snorted and went to find her admirer. Since Duan Xing Yuan didn’t like her and his heart was still with Gu Qing Yu, then there was no need for her to remain loyal.

Gu Qing Yu was completely unaware that her marriage to Mu Xuan Qing, had led directly to Duan Xing Yuan and Mu Ai living other lives, but this wasn’t a bad thing for them, instead they were each happier.


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