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Chapter 162 A long delay might spell trouble

Just after putting it up, the staff came in. Zhuang Jing was so startled that she almost tripped over herself and the staff froze for a moment but didn’t think much of it, “Miss Zhuang, the painting you spoke about is already hanging up….”

Zhuang Jing nodded, “Hmm, these paintings should be sent home for me first!”

The gallery had her home address, after all, she was a regular customer, so she didn’t need to say anything.

The staff member nodded and thinking of the painting outside by Shao Zihan that Zhuang Jing had also bought, asked, “Miss Zhuang, should I send all the paintings to your home together with the one outside when you’ve finished with your visit?”

Zhuang Jing blinked, “No, send these over first.”

She didn’t want a long delay, which might spell trouble for her.

Seemingly feeling that this was too abrupt, Zhuang Jing added, “The painting outside….. If you can, can you hang them for me for another week? I’ll come over next week with some friends to have a look… At that time, if I say I want to buy this painting, say that it’s already been sold.”

The staff member was silent for a few seconds then nodded, “Okay.”

Zhuang Jing watched as the staff sent the painting interspersed with Gu Qing Yu’s paintings to the special car, and seeing the car leave, she breathed a sigh of relief and calmly walked in to wait for Shao Zihan.

The staff pursed her lips where she couldn’t see as she muttered, “What pride…..”

Her boyfriend’s painting had been hanging for a long time, and even if Zhuang Jing had bought it to please her boyfriend before sending it to the warehouse, did it have to be left hanging in the most conspicuous place for a week when it had obviously been sold…

And, precisely because it was hung in the most conspicuous place, people would look at it, ask about it and everyone would know that the painting had been sold. Her boyfriend would feel dignified, and she was planning to bring her friends over next week – maybe that was probably what she wanted.

The staff organized the warehouse and prepared to hang out the few paintings that Gu Qing Yu had just sent but froze for a moment when she saw the paintings in front of her.

Had there been….. only four paintings just now?

How come she remembered that it seemed like there were more than that just now?

Did she remember it wrong?

However before the staff had time to think, an important guest arrived. The staff didn’t think much of it and first hung out the four paintings then went out to show the guest around the gallery.

At the other end, Shao Zihan was smug as he looked at his painting that was hanging in the most conspicuous position.

He just knew it. His painting was actually very good, it was just that the judges of the Angel Cup didn’t have good eyesight. Just take a look at this gallery, hadn’t they hanged his painting!

Shao Zihan completely forgot, that one of the main judges of the Angel Cup, was the owner of this gallery.

If his work was really that good, it wouldn’t have received only a consolation award for excellence, moreover, it wouldn’t have been left unsold for almost a month.

However, paintings weren’t that easy to sell, and until one met someone who knew how to appreciate them, it wasn’t uncommon for a painting to hang for years without being asked for or sold.

Noticing how happy he was, Zhuang Jing smiled at him: “Zihan, do you know? I just asked the staff, she said your painting has been sold, and it sold for five figures!”

Shao Zihan’s eyes lit up, five figures…. As far as he knew, even the first prize of the Angel Cup, was almost the same price….

In other words, his painting wasn’t worse than that of the person who won the first prize!

Shao Zihan was in a better mood as he admired his painting, feeling that he was a person of great talent that no one had appreciated in the Angel Cup before!

But now, there was finally someone who knew how to appreciate him….

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