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Chapter 161 Zhuang Jing

Unfortunately, Lin Xiao Yi had ruined a lot of the paintings she had done in class and she hadn’t finished most of them, but that was okay. She hadn’t been very happy with them either so she might as well redo them.

She did seem to have a talent and although her technique wasn’t that great, the work she created was easily impressive.

She sent a few of her newly created paintings to Chen Gaoyu, who simply hung them in his gallery and within a week they sold for a considerable amount of money.

Gu Qing Yu painted a few more paintings again but this time Chen Gaoyu asked the gallery staff to hang the paintings up as he wasn’t in his gallery all the time. After all, he was very busy with his work.

The staff had just received the paintings when Zhuang Jing came over.

She and Shao Zihan had arranged to meet at the gallery today. Shao Zihan’s paintings had won the Angel Cup Award of Excellence last time, and his works were hanging in this gallery. Shao Zihan was very proud of them, so the moment she brought them up, he invited her to come and admire them.

Zhuang Jing was also very proud that her boyfriend’s paintings were hanging in the gallery of the president of the Hua Xia Art Association so she brought her camera, planning to take pictures with Shao Zihan in front of his painting later.

The Zhuang family was very rich. Zhuang Zi Yi was a director, Father Zhuang run a company, but their mother had studied painting back in the day, hence the Zhuang family would occasionally buy some paintings to add to their collection from time to time. Zhuang Jing actually thought of buying one of Shao Zihan’s paintings for her collection today. Whether they would appreciate in value in the future was one thing, the main thing was that she would be very happy to see them, and if she showed them to Shao Zihan years later, he might be very happy.

With this in mind, Zhuang Jing went to the gallery early to pick out a few paintings, including one by Shao Zihan. However, when she arrived, she realised that Shao Zihan’s painting had been hanging for almost a month and no one wanted it, so the gallery had temporarily moved it to the storage room, where some of the paintings by famous artists she wanted were stored in anyways, so she went in to look at them.

She was a huge customer who came to buy some paintings from time to time, hence the staff weren’t wary of her and gave her the green light to go in as they were busy packing up the paintings they had sold her as well as moving Shao Zihan’s paintings outside to hang them in the most conspicuous place as she had requested so that she could look at her boyfriend’s paintings when she went out with Shao Zihan later…

Shao Zihan would definitely be very happy to see his painting hanging in the most conspicuous place!

Just as this flashed through Zhuang Jing’s mind, she saw Gu Qing Yu’s paintings that had just arrived. The familiar style of the paintings made her eyes flash and staring at one of her favorite paintings, she gritted her teeth….

Buy Gu Qing Yu’s art? She didn’t really want to! But… she really liked it… One of the paintings in particular was very special, it depicted a huge eye with a huge pupil that was very beautiful and when she looked inside, she found that the pupil was like the starry sky, like the deep sea, and there seemed to be many, many special things inside…

A good piece of artwork could attract one’s soul and haunt one’s dreams. Zhuang Jing hadn’t believed this before, but now that she saw the painting, she felt that if she didn’t get it, she might not be able to sleep at night….

So, when she saw the staff moving Shao Zihan’s painting out, she hurriedly sealed it up and put it together with the paintings she had already decided to buy, which had been packed by the staff and after thinking about it, picked up one of the paintings and hid it in the corner, placing it in the pile of paintings that had been unsold for too long and almost discarded.

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