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Chapter 290 You’ve been watching me?

Shao Zi Han was very confident when he said these words, truly believing that it would touch Gu Qing Yu’s heart, that she would want to break free from the shackles her husband had put on her in order to shine on her own.

The expression on Gu Qing Yu’s face twisted, “I’m sorry, I don’t want to shine.”

If she had wanted to be in front of a stage, then she’d had countless opportunities to do so, however like her Sir, she preferred to keep a low profile.

Shao Zi Han wasn’t convinced and looking deeply at Gu Qing Yu, said, “Qing Yu, I know you’re afraid of change, but think about it. Life is only a few decades long; are you willing to be tied down, tied down in a rich and powerful family and never be free to do whatever it is that you want?”

Gu Qing Yu rolled her eyes, “I am. Alright, my Sir is here to pick me up. Leave.”

Stepping forward, Shao Zi Han tried to grab her hand, “Qing Yu, he ties you down in the house and doesn’t let you do what you want to do; this shows that he doesn’t really love you! Look, you haven’t sold a single painting since you married him…… You’re lonely inside, aren’t you?”

Gu Qing Yu no longer wanted to continue talking to him and sensing that Mu Xuan Qing had arrived, ignored Shao Zi Han and tried to go up to the door.

Unexpectedly, Shao Zi Han actually became impatient and directly tried to grab her hand.

Without hesitation, Gu Qing Yu flinged her hand, causing Shao Zi Han to fly out and slam into the tables and chair behind her and shrinking into a ball of pain, his face twisted in agony.


Shao Zi Han looked at her incredulously, with eyes looking at her as if he was looking at some kind of monster.

Gu Qing Yu knew why. Shao Zi Han, a chauvinist at heart outwardly pleased all kinds of women but actually despised them the most in his heart, believing that they were weak and easily controlled, and that as long as a man was a little bit better looking, a little bit more talented, treated them tenderly, and preferably poked at their inner weaknesses but gave them what they couldn’t get from their husbands or boyfriends, they could be easily conquered by him and do anything for him….

The women he had met in the past had probably also made him feel that he wasn’t wrong in his deductions, so he assumed that Gu Qing Yu was also the same.

Unfortunately, however, he had miscalculated when it came to Gu Qing Yu.

Walking up to him step by step, Gu Qing Yu looked down at him with a cold look in her eyes.

“Shao Zi Han, do you think you are very powerful, playing with women in the palm of your hand and cuckolding countless men without anyone noticing? That even after you broke up with those women, they all still love you? What do you think will happen if they find out about each other… if their husbands find out about your existence?”

Shao Zi Han’s eyes widened. She, how did she know that?!

Could it be…..

“You’ve been watching me?” Gritting his teeth, Shao Zi Han tried to sit up, “You like me, that’s why you’ve been watching me, right? I’ve been in love with you since freshman year….”

Gu Qing Yu didn’t expect that he would still be dreaming up to this point and was both amused and annoyed.

“It’s fine if you like to dream, but go dream where you should.” Gu Qing Yu said coldly then opened the door calmly, only to be met with a pair of cold black eyes.

She instantly felt a little guilty, “Sir……Sir.”

Sir? This was the legendary Gu Qing Yu’s Sir?

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