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Chapter 45 Sir

Even the Li family didn’t dare offend him…

Duan Xing Yuan tried to deduce the identity of the man in front of him from everyone’s words, but he couldn’t even tell who he was, because everyone called him ‘Sir’ respectfully, without even adding a surname.

There were so many people from the big families currying favour with him, but the man who received the most attention in the entire box didn’t even raise a brow, and he wasn’t interested in the delicious food in front of him, not even taking a sip of water.

“Sir, this is my eldest grandson, Duan Xing Yuan. Xing Yuan, come and meet Sir.”

Seeing that the other families had also started, Elder Duan led Duan Xing Yuan to Mu Xuan Qing hurriedly.

When the other families had introduced their family’s juniors before, Mu Xuan Qing had only given them a bland glance without any indication, but he had always been like this and those families were used to it. Elder Duan didn’t expect any feedback either. As long as he could show his face in front of Mu Xuan Qing, he would remember it and as long as he didn’t offend Sir’s principles, when he needed help in the future, Sir wouldn’t begrudge them of any help, and that was the purpose of the day, and the reason why they had all brought the most outstanding juniors from their respective families with them.

Elder Duan hadn’t expected any special reaction from Mu Xuan Qing; as long as he remembered Duan Xing Yuan that was all that mattered, but to his surprise, Mu Xuan Qing lifted his eyes and cast a glance at Duan Xing Yuan which lasted several seconds!

Elder Duan was immediately very excited. Could it be that Sir thought highly of his eldest grandson?

The expressions on the faces of the other family masters ranged from different, envy and jealousy, however they also glared at the juniors they had brought with them who were all a bit bewildered and innocent with the expression of hating iron for not becoming steel, but the juniors weren’t stupid and knew why they were being glared at by their elders. At once, Duan Xing Yuan became the target of everyone’s arrows.

Duan Xing Yuan knew how to judge the situation and at this moment, he also understood that this ‘Sir’ in front of him, who didn’t look much older than him, had an extraordinary status. Otherwise he wouldn’t be treated with such respect by so many family elders, moreover it seemed to be a great honour to be favoured by him.

Since there were only advantages to being favoured by him, Duan Xing Yuan changed his attitude and even though he still had doubts in his mind, he didn’t show it on the surface, calling out to Mu Xuan Qing respectfully, ‘Sir.’

Mu Xuan Qing lowered his eyelashes and turned his face away, a trace of dislike flashing in his eyes.

He helped the juniors of the families whenever he could, after all, there were times when he needed them. And this Duan Xing Yuan was one of the most outstanding among the juniors of the imperial families. Even he had heard of him and remembered what he looked like. But, after he found out that he was involved with Gu Qing Yu, he didn’t like Duan Xing Yuan very much for some reason.

Nevertheless, the reason he came here today was because of Duan Xing Yuan.

So, Mu Xuan Qing suppressed the dislike in his heart and stretched out his hand calmly and Chen Ran quickly handed him a ring.

It was a very beautiful jadeite and even though it was a material that older people would prefer, the design was still very unique and not outdated at all, moreover Duan Xing Yuan liked the looked of it.

The most important thing was that jewellery that could be gifted by such a big shot was not just jewellery, it often represented a status and a certain amount of power.

Duan Xing Yuan’s eyes lit up and after accepting it respectfully, he put it on immediately.

Elder Duan was also very pleased and while his attitude towards Mu Xuan Qing was respectful, there was also a little more excitement.

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