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Chapter 160 She, was too weak

As long as he knew that her boyfriend wouldn’t lose to Duan Xing Yuan, Gu Wen Qiang was in no hurry.


The benefits had already arrived.

This new shareholder named Chen Hai would probably support him and as long as his position was stable, that was enough.

With this, Gu Qing Yu passed the hurdle that was Gu Wen Qiang easily and the day finally calmed down.

Gu Wen Qiang also asked about her collaboration with Zhuang Zi Yi, but he was less concerned about her petty affairs and only asked if she needed support. Gu Qing Yu told him she was just playing around and hinted that this so-called studio was actually run by her boyfriend and it was just using her name.

This made sense to Gu Wen Qiang so he didn’t ask any more questions.

Gu Qing Yu had said her boyfriend had gone back to the capital and it was true. Mu Xuan Qing had gone back to the capital, however he had left Mu Yi and Mu Er to protect her with her permission.

She could also guess why he was worried about her safety. Her food reserve…. seemed to be wanted by a lot of people that it was really tempting…. to hide him from others.

However, since it would be a little more difficult to hide him, then, she’d just k**l all those who dare to covet him….

She chuckled softly. The most vulnerable part of the earth was the internet.

But as far as she knew, the internet on Earth had just emerged about 30 years ago and nowadays, almost everyone’s life was inseparable from it. She had Fei Fei and with her technology, even if they were using special defense methods, she could intercept them easily.

The problem was that there was so much information that she would have to spend a lot of time intercepting the messages related to Mu Xuan Qing.

After all, those people would not mention Mu Xuan Qing’s name directly when passing on messages, and the title ‘Sir’ was very common …….

But there was no rush.

She was still too weak. A document from Mu Xuan Qing had easily helped her deal with Gu Wen Qiang today, and Gu Wen Qiang’s attitude had made her realise that she was too weak.

Because of her weakness, Gu Wen Qiang thought the world of her mysterious boyfriend and wanted her to please him.

If she weren’t just the daughter of S City’s richest man, or a beautiful university student, but a more powerful being, she wouldn’t have been the target of attacks, no matter how many ‘scandals’ were exposed about her.

This society favoured the strong.


After so much analysis, the conclusion Gu Qing Yu came to remained the same.

Make money!

Just then, Chen Gaoyu called her to ask how she was doing and mentioned in passing, “Little sister, many people liked your work at the last Angel Cup and wanted to buy your paintings, but your paintings have been bought buy…. cough, so many people asked me to ask if you have any new works you want to sell?”

Gu Qing Yu’s eyes lit up. Yes, it would take at least a month for the movie to be released and a period of time for the settlement afterwards, she couldn’t possibly do nothing for the whole month. Second Brother’s words just reminded her that selling paintings was also a good way.

“Of course! Thank you, Second Brother.”

She laughed so sweetly that Chen Gaoyu laughed as well, “You are welcome. The orchid you gave me has made me look good and now many people envy my orchids, causing them to also ask about you. Little sister, if you have any new flowers you want to sell, you can also call me.”


Gu Qing Yu hang up the phone and turned to her paintings happily.

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