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Chapter 95 Little sister, you can’t be so biased.

“Yes, senior brother!” Gu Qing Yu immediately shouted following the correction.

Mu Xuan Qing’s fists tightened as he looked at the smile on her face.

Yes, the word ‘senior brother’ wasn’t exclusive to him…..

And she said she was his. Here she was now smiling so sweetly at another man while he was present…..

His eyes turned a little cold.

Suddenly feeling a chill come over him, Chen Gaoyu shrunk his neck in and looked outside. Strange, it wasn’t raining outside so why did it suddenly become cold?

After Gu Qing Yu paid her respects, Bai Xiuqi, now her master, also gave her a meeting gift. A painting by a well-known artist of the Qing Dynasty, which now had a market price of at least six figures. One could see that he liked it very much, but he still gave it to her without hesitation.

Gu Qing Yu really didn’t have much savings, moreover she had other uses for it, but seeing that there was a pot of orchids sitting in a room in the very private restaurant that Bai Xiuqi had taken them to, and that her master even looked like he liked it, she took the time to go out to the washroom. If she remembered correctly, there was a flower shop nearby.

She bought two orchids from the flower shop and wrapped them up in a rather concealed bag. Gu Qing Yu went into the washroom and secretly put the two pots on the toilet lid, mobilised the energy she had managed to save up during this period of time and carefully directed it into the orchids. The orchids that had only been budding opened up immediately, causing the whole washroom to be instantly filled with their fragrance, which was only thanks to her energy, otherwise, it would have been impossible for an ordinary pot of this variety of orchid to have such a fragrance, because these flowers cost only a few yuan.

The other orchids she had seen open in the shop had been the more common bamboo-leaf petal orchids with the more common white and purple flowers, but the two pots she had just transformed with her energy now had a very beautiful lotus petal and an equally rare daffodil petal, moreover, one was an extremely rare bright red and the other was a very fresh and elegant yellow….

**And in either case, it looked very different from the ones in the shop.

Hmm, such orchids, even if they weren’t the most precious species, were still a good gift.

She rewrapped the two pots of orchids carefully and returned to the private room.

In the room, Bai Xiuqi and her senior brothers were chatting over tea, or to be more precise, Bai Xiuqi and Chen Gaoyu were chatting, with Mu Xuan Qing only saying a few words when called.

Seeing her enter, Chen Gaoyu couldn’t help but laugh, “Little sister, you’re finally back. Your senior brother and I were worried that you had fallen into the toilet!”

Gu Qing Yu glared at him, “Second senior brother, only you would fall in!”

This ‘second senior brother’ made Chen Gaoyu’s eyes widen instantly, “You this girl, where are your manners? I’m your senior brother!”

“Yes, second~ senior brother!” Gu Qing Yu deliberately lengthened the tail end of her words.

Chen Gaoyu pretended to be exasperated, thought for a moment, then glared, “Wait, why are you only talking about me and not Senior Brother?!”

He narrowed his eyes, “Little sister, I know senior brother is more handsome, but you can’t be so biased, right?”

“Hmph, only second senior brother would say that about me. Eldest Senior Brother will definitely never say that.”

She couldn’t even imagine that such a noble and reserved person like Mu Xuan Qing would say something like ‘falling into the toilet’.

Immediately, Chen Gaoyu was depressed, because Mu Xuan Qing would really not say such a thing….

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  1. Oh so her energy can revitalise plants well not surprised. Though she should be fixing her body more than so etching like this

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