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Chapter 141 My brother has a girlfriend

Even though the contents of the contract had been finalized, Gu Qing Yu and Zhuang Zi Yi excitedly decided to find someone to draw it up, both afraid that the night would be too long, but before they could leave the balcony, Zhuang Jing caught them.

Zhuang Zi Yi looked at the time and saw that it was unexpectedly after eleven o’clock. As the host of the celebration, suddenly disappearing for almost two hours wasn’t really good. Opening his mouth, he said in an embarrassed tone, “Ah, look at me, I forget the time whenever I see a nice piece of work… Qing Yu, let me introduce you. This is Zhuang Jing, my sister. She also wants to attend our school. My sister is a good painter, but not as good as you. When she becomes your sister, please give her some guidance sometime.”

Looking over at Zhuang Jing, he said, “Jing’er, this is my junior sister from the School of Fine Arts at S University, she painted some of the backgrounds in the film.”

Gu Qing Yu nodded, “Hello, I’m Gu Qing Yu.”

The look in Zhuang Jing’s eyes was a little cold, “Hello.”

Had she offended her? This was obviously the first time that they had met, so why did she feel as if this Zhuang Jing didn’t like her very much?

Gu Qing Yu raised a brow, but didn’t care too much. Drinking the rest of the champagne from her glass, she said to Zhuang Zi Yi, “Senior Zhuang, it’s late so I’m taking my leave now. Whenever you’re ready, call me.”

Zhuang Zi Yi’s eyes lit up. Taking out his car keys, he told her, “Wait for me, I’ll drop you off.”

He couldn’t wait to get the deal done. Such a great piece of work, if he didn’t sign the contract soon, he was afraid that other companies would steal it. This wasn’t just a chance to make money, it was the perfect opportunity for their small company to expand its reputation and influence in the industry rapidly! He couldn’t afford to miss it.

Gu Qing Yu nodded and watching Zhuang Zi Yi leave the balcony, was about to go downstairs herself when she heard Zhuang Jing behind her say in a not so nice tone.

“Miss Gu, my brother has a girlfriend.”

Was this….. warning her?

Gu Qing Yu chuckled. What gave Zhuang Jing the illusion that she was interested in Zhuang Zi Yi?

Oh, it was because they had disappeared for almost two hours, and then were alone on the balcony. Saying that they were watching a movie and then talking about working together, who would believe that?

Gu Qing Yu chuckled, “Don’t worry, Miss Zhuang, I also have a…”

She was about to say a boyfriend, but after thinking about it, Sir wasn’t her boyfriend, but she was Sir’s person, so….

After a few seconds of silence, she continued, “I also have someone.”

Zhuang Jing narrowed her eyes, “That had better be the case!”

She would definitely side with her future sister-in-law. Although she was out of the country, she would only accept her as her sister-in-law, so even if Gu Qing Yu was beautiful, even if she acted friendly towards her, she wouldn’t accept her!

Zhuang Jing thought to herself, satisfied that she had defended her sister-in-law’s love when she saw her brother, with his car keys in hand run to Gu Qing Yu with glowing eyes and leave with her as they laughed and joked….

Zhuang Jing’s face suddenly sank.

Da** it!

This woman must have been lying to her when she said that she also had someone. Otherwise, why did she have to ask her brother to take her home when it was so late? Even if it had been her brother’s idea, she could have still refused. Didn’t she know how to keep her distance from married men?

Zhuang Jing was thinking unhappily when a voice rang out next to her. If Gu Qing Yu was here right now, she would have been surprised to find out that the person in front of Zhuang Jing was Shao Zihan….. the class president who had a crush on her!

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4 thoughts on “Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

  1. How dull why hasn’t she deal with this dck. Shouldn’t she have seen the post he made a while ago. Well looking forward to their partnership, since I think she would probably still help him out drawing some more backgrounds if he needed. Obviously she would would get paid for doing so

    1. true, i lost count how many times i get disappointed when a female character get introduced only for them to be basic idiots

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