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Chapter 170 Breaking the record

By the end of the weekend, (Princess An An) had rebounded at the box office, rising from 18 million the day before to almost 30 million, but (Star) had already surpassed 200 million!

And in the space of a week, (Star) had also broken the box office record for their country’s animated movies, accumulating over 1 billion and this momentum, continued to rise.

(Star) had been in cinemas for nearly a month and had finally become a myth for the country’s animated movies with an unprecedented 2.4 billion at the box office, and Zhuang Zi Yi’s company and Fei Fei’s studio had received rave reviews and had risen to fame in the industry, with many companies wanting to contact Zhuang Zi Yi in order to work with him, but especially with (Star)’s special effects team, but as Fei Fei’s studio was too secretive, without any contact details, no response to any enquiries and no direct contact on the K site, these people had no choice but to come to Zhuang Zi Yi.

It was only when Zhuang Zi Yi discovered that Gu Qing Yu’s studio hadn’t taken the opportunity to collaborate with other companies that he was surprised and amazed, as Gu Qing Yu had verbally agreed to work with him on his next movie.

*But he figured that there was still some time before her next movie, and since the current animated movie had already made his Ling Yi Animation the most influential animation company in the country anyway, he was in no hurry.
Zhuang Zi Yi actually wanted to work with Fei Fei Studio’s special effects team, but Gu Qing Yu hid them well and had no intention of collaborating, which was normal. With such a good team, the company would want to keep them in their hands well for fear of others poaching them, so it was indeed normal to keep them out of sight.

But who would have expected that other companies would instead come to him?

He refused at first, but then some people with family connections came to him, such as some family uncles and he could no longer refuse.

So he had no other choice but to approach Gu Qing Yu, whose eyes lit up as soon as she heard about the companies’ intentions.

“Our studio can do special effects for them, however the price is not low. But we can guarantee quality and speed.”

Zhuang Zi Yi was a little surprised. Usually studios would hide their special effects teams well for fear of them being poached by other companies, but Gu Qing Yu didn’t seem to be afraid at all?

Gu Qing Yu was indeed not afraid at all, because everything had been done by her and her brain, so how could people try to poach it?

But it was too astonishing, that was why even though she had made almost a billion yuan and knew that creating animated movies was very profitable, she didn’t make her next movie right away.

On Earth, a movie of this quality couldn’t be done in a short time, and if the time between the movies was too short, it could raise suspicions and then someone would trace her and investigate the one and only Fei Fei Studios, and that would be bad.

It wasn’t that it couldn’t be handled, but if some problems could be avoided, they should be avoided.

So she was going to wait at least six months before creating her next movie.

Anyway, with nearly a billion dollars, she had enough money to do a lot of things.

Her house, lab, whatever, could be set up.

But money, of course, was a good thing to have.

So the news brought by Zhuang Zi Yi wasn’t rejected by Gu Qing Yu. Instead, she even welcomed the opportunity to make more money.

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  1. Wonder how she is going to keep her Dad away from her money if it gets out that Fei Fei Studio is owned by her.

    Thank you for the chapter!

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