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Chapter 256 A month later

If Gu Qing Yu was really dead, then this time Sir….

Could he go back to his old self?


A month later.

Chen Ran watched calmly as the plate was brought back from Sir’s door without having been touched, his heart overwhelmingly heavy as he lowered his eyes.

This month had been like a dream.

Or rather, from the day they went abroad, it had been like a dream.

Gu Qing Yu was dead.

Not believing this, Sir went to numerous doctors to try to save Gu Qing Yu, but every doctor said the same thing. Gu Qing Yu was dead and couldn’t be saved.

But Sir was still not convinced.

Then it suddenly occurred to him that Gu Qing Yu was different from ordinary humans, that this body wasn’t hers in the first place, and that perhaps Gu Qing Yu wasn’t dead but had simply gone somewhere else and couldn’t return for the time being.

So, Sir had a perfect ice coffin made and put Gu Qing Yu’s body in it.

Then he went to the man they had trapped who couldn’t move at all. As soon as the man saw his face, he laughed madly, “What, is something wrong with your little girlfriend? If you let me out, I’ll tell you how to save her. How about it?”

Chen Ran was afraid for a moment that Sir would actually let the man out, in which case the man would run away first and then seek revenge on them later.

The good thing was that, even at such a desperate moment, Sir still had his wits about him.

He just laughed coldly, “She said, if you don’t use the energy in your body, it will slowly dissipate on its own. You’ve used a lot of energy before and the energy you have left now is enough to keep you alive for a few more years at most, right? In a few years, you’ll be gone. What about it, want more energy? Tell me about the energy on your planet and I’ll give you more so you can live longer!”

Sir was indeed clever, because the man’s face darkened instantly.

But there was nothing he could do, after all, Sir was right. If he wasn’t given more energy, even if he didn’t use what he had left all the time, he wouldn’t last more than a few years, he would dissipate as his energy ran out and leave this body ……

For the people of their planet, this was simply death!

However, the man remained silent. Instead, he smiled once more, “I still have a few years left, during which you can’t do anything to me at all. You can only have me trapped in here but you can’t hurt me. You can’t even k*ll me.”

After all, if they k*lled him, he would become an elusive human energy body and then if he entered someone else’s body, it would become even more difficult for them to catch him.

He looked at Mu Xuan Qing, emboldened: “That little girlfriend of yours… you’re in more of a rush to save her right? After all…. if nothing else is done, she might….. stay dead forever!”

Mu Xuan Qing looked at him and after a long period of silence, left.

Over the course of a month, Sir went to that man several times, but each time it was fruitless, and Gu Qing Yu’s body remained unresponsive as it had in the beginning, as if…. she was really dead.

Sir kept himself and Gu Qing Yu’s body together and every day he didn’t concern himself about anything other than trying to bring her back to life. He didn’t meet anyone who came to him, he didn’t eat or drink and he simply passed out if he was too exhausted. During this time, he lived on an IV.

If his body hadn’t been so special and so full of energy, afraid it wouldn’t have been able to withstand his torment.

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