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Chapter 281 Madam is finally willing to give me a status

Gu Qing Yu thought about it.

But then she heard Mu Xuan Qing say, “And…. Madam, we’ve been married for years, shouldn’t I be given a status?”

Gu Qing Yu couldn’t help but laugh.

She had first announced he was her boyfriend on Weibo a few years ago, but back then she couldn’t even show his face or say his name, so no one knew that he was her boyfriend and now, he was her Sir….

Reaching out, she stroked his hair gently, “En, you really should be given a status!”

Mu Xuan Qing had a Weibo account, but most people didn’t know who he was because his name had since been changed to ‘Gu Qing Yu’s Husband’.

Gu Qing Yu had a lot of fans, and when she was in the news for her scandal, there were many males who liked her because of her face, so there were countless names such as ‘Gu Qing Yu’s boyfriend’ and ‘Gu Qing Yu’s lover’, hence it wasn’t a big deal to have multiple ‘Gu Qing Yu’s husband’.

Although no one noticed that the names ‘Gu Qing Yu XX’ somehow ended up becoming a set of garbled codes, those people naturally didn’t think there was anything special about their names. Instead they assumed it was a problem with Weibo and criticized them severely; the platform’s programmers were too angry yet didn’t dare say anything, they could only ask them to change their names. If the name was still related to Gu Qing Yu, then the system was still being fixed, but if it was changed to something completely unrelated to Gu Qing Yu…. well then, the system would be back to normal in no time.

So in the end, Sir Mu was the only one with the name ‘Gu Qing Yu’s Husband’.

However no one believed it either.

Since she needed to give Mu Xuan Qing a name…. naturally she needed to @ him.

So, Gu Qing Yu posted another post, this time showing just her and Mu Xuan Qing, but just like when they first went public, it was still a picture of the two of them kissing with only the sides of their faces visible, the difference being that it was no longer just Mu Xuan Qing’s chin that was visible. It was at least one side of his face, and anyone who knew him would be able to tell it was him.

Also, it was obviously a picture taken at a wedding.

Gu Qing YuV: “Introducing, my Sir. @Gu Qing Yu’s Husband.”

Her double entendre instantly got the netizens who were following her and Mu Xuan Qing all abuzz again.

“So straightforward, directly making it public just like that?!”

“So, Gu Qing Yu is really married??”

“She’s too low profile, right? She’s half a public figure, yet she didn’t even post about her wedding, so silent….”

“Her husband is so handsome. Gosh, how can someone be so lucky? She is very beautiful looking, has a very good family background and has found a husband who is also rich and has a very good family background….”

“I just went to compare the chin from a few years ago and it looks exactly like this Sir Mu’s, so Gu Qing Yu and her Sir have actually been in a relationship for years?”

“They have really been in a relationship for a long time. From this picture of the four of them, it looks like Gu Qing Yu is the only one in this Sir Mu’s eyes….”

Gu Qing Yu instantly became an object of envy and jealousy among netizens who had forgotten that only a few hours before, had been the very ones that had claimed that her family was broke and that she was being raised by an older married man.

Mu Xuan Qing bubbled with joy as he looked at Gu Qing Yu’s post, quickly reposting it.

Gu Qing Yu’s Husband: “Madam is finally willing to give me a status! //@Gu Qing YuV: Introducing, my Sir. @Gu Qing Yu’s Husband.”

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