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Chapter 254 Sir, just leave it to me!

All that Mu Xuan Qing had to do was to destroy all the labs and data left behind by ‘that person’ but it wasn’t an easy task. More than ten years had passed, that man would definitely not have only one lab, what’s more, over the years he had been collecting information about him and knew that he had people all over the world, even….

That person was likely to have had close ties with powerful people in countries all over the world, so it would be much more difficult for them to destroy these strongholds and destroy all the data.

Unexpectedly, Gu Qing Yu shook her head after listening to him, “It’s not that difficult. Sir, just leave it to me!”

Mu Xuan Qing raised an eyebrow. Yes, after that person appeared, he already knew where Gu Qing Yu really came from. Since she was also from a more advanced planet, it meant that she had more advanced technology, as he could tell from what her Fei Fei studio revealed and how easily she had erased many traces of her existence earlier.

It might, indeed, be easy.

Seeing how much he believed in her, Gu Qing Yu smiled and said, “But a little later, it would be inappropriate to alert the enemy now by acting rashly.”

After all, they still needed to locate that man’s base camp.

With Fei Fei and her smart brain in tow, Gu Qing Yu had no trouble finding the location of the man’s lab and Mu Xuan Qing’s men quickly hacked in, copied the data they wanted and installed various destruction devices while Gu Qing Yu went to the man’s most secret bedroom…

The people of their planet loved to spend time around energy, and so the fact that this was the man’s bedroom meant that the energy body was definitely here.

Although Mu Xuan Qing knew how good she was, he couldn’t leave her alone. After all, they had activated the energy isolation device before entering, so now inside, both he and Gu Qing Yu were unable to use their energy. Without the energy, he was still strong and powerful, but Gu Qing Yu was different because without it, her body was just a delicate, ordinary human body.

Gu Qing Yu knew this, so she didn’t stop him.

“Sir, after going in, the energy might be very scary…. The riot of the energy body isn’t something that can be isolated by this ordinary device, so it’s best for you to stay away from it.” Gu Qing Yu warned.

She didn’t know how that man was able to bring such terrifying energy away or how he stored it, but her Fei Fei could store a lot of energy, so she brought him over to help store it, but she was also worried about the exposure of the energy.

When Sir had a lot of energy in his body, his body simply wasn’t able to handle it, which was why he suffered so much every month.

So she was worried that him being too close to the energy body would accidentally trigger a riot of his physical energy….

Mu Xuan Qing nodded, “Got it. You should be careful yourself.”

She looked back at him and smiled very brightly, “Sir, I’m someone who lives off energy!”

Energy had never been dangerous to her.

Opening the door, Gu Qing Yu felt an overwhelmingly comfortable energy, as if she were a human child bathing in her mother’s womb. She was comfortable and at ease, incomparably at peace, while not far away, Mu Xuan Qing started breathing a little sharply, unable to bear the shock of such a massive amount of energy. They had just opened the door and this was already happening. He could only imagine how much more terrifying the energy hidden inside was!

He became a little worried, but when he saw Gu Qing Yu’s incomparable delight, he relaxed, knowing that she didn’t feel as uncomfortable as he did.

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