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Chapter 139 Her team?!

Gu Qing Yu understood what Zhuang Zi Yi was thinking. He probably thought that the quality of the animation had to be very crude after being completed in such a short time, but she wasn’t in a hurry, he’d understand once he saw the finished film anyway.

Zhuang Zi Yi stared, “Of course I’ve seen it…”

The 10-minute animation was so amazing to him and his team that even his special effects team wanted to hire the professionals who had worked on it, but the only way they could get in touch with Fei Fei’s studio was through K Station’s website, and they had sent countless private messages to Fei Fei’s studio over the past few days, but they hadn’t heard back.
He thought it was a pity, but he also thought that it was probably a studio owned by one of the big companies in the country, otherwise how could it be so professional and come out of almost nowhere and then not work with anyone else? Zhuang Zi Yi didn’t have to think about it to know that a team of this calibre would have many other big companies looking to work with them.

But why did Gu Qing Yu mention this?

He wondered for a moment and then, as if he had thought of something, his eyes widened, “Junior sister, that Fei Fei studio isn’t ……”

Gu Qing Yu nodded, “Yes, it’s my team.”

To say that she made it all by herself would be too unbelievable and Zhuang Zi Yi wouldn’t believe it either, moreover she wanted to keep a low profile. She didn’t want others to know that she had created the whole movie by herself, that was why she created a team, which she had decided upon when she uploaded ‘Fei Fei Adventures’ to K station, otherwise the account name wouldn’t have been Fei Fei Studio.

Since it was a studio, then that meant there was more than one person.

Zhuang Zi Yi found it a little hard to believe, “Such a coincidence exists? No, junior sister, aren’t you a painter?”

“If Brother Zhuang can think of asking me to draw a background for your film, isn’t it normal for someone to do that as well, or for me to draw a whole comic and make it into a film?”

Yes, that’s right…

Many of the students at the Academy of Fine Arts also wanted to draw comics and make their own animated movies…

Zhuang Zi Yi finally digested the news, but deep down he was still shocked and somewhat unconvinced.… However, thinking about it again, Gu Qing Yu didn’t need to lie to him and, if she did, it would be easy to expose her.

His mouth opened wide in surprise, he looked at her, “Is it really your team?! Then your film..…”

Gu Qing Yu, knowing what he wanted to ask, nodded, “It was also produced by my team. I created the character and produced the script, with the professional team taking care of the other aspects.”

The professional team, was of course the special effects teams that every company in the market nowadays that was trying to move into the animation industry wanted to get.

Zhuang Zi Yi was still a little unconvinced, but Gu Qing Yu just smiled a little, “Senior brother, I’ve actually been working on my film for a long time, it’s just that I haven’t mentioned it to you before. Now that it’s finished, would you like to take a look?”

Seeing Zhuang Zi Yi nod, Gu Qing Yu took her cell phone and earpiece out then gave them to him to watch.

He was…. Just going to use a phone to watch it?

Zhuang Zi Yi was a bit unconvinced by the quality of the film, but thinking that it was the work of Fei Fei’s studio thinking about how stunning the 10-minute video was, he decided to watch it anyway.

He was originally planning to just watch it from the balcony without any seriousness attached to it and even before he started was wondering how to reject Gu Qing Yu politely if it was average…..

He never thought that after 30 seconds of watching it, his blood would boil!

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