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Chapter 40 Is this what you mean by sorry?

But he didn’t know that even if it was really worth a lot of money, it was nothing in Gu Qing Yu’s eyes, what’s more…..

At this moment this diamond in the eyes of the current Gu Qing Yu, was just a glowing stone on Earth. There were plenty of such glowing stones on her planet!

Was this kind of thing… worth a lot of money?

She looked at the servant who had an envious expression on her face and pondered.

Too bad that her planet was too far away from here, otherwise she would have gotten some to sell here even if their planet was no longer suitable for survival.

On their planet, there was so much of it that no one wanted to pick it up.

After all, it was a stone with no energy in it. It was just good looking, it wasn’t usable or edible.


She had to accept it now.

Because, she wanted to make him think that victory was within his grasp, and then…

Hit him hard!

“Forgive me, will you?”

The man in front of her said with incomparable affection, “I was wrong… so, I’m proposing to you again, will you marry me? Qing Yu…..?”

Gu Qing Yu was about to accept it when the phone in her hand suddenly lit up and sharp eyed, she saw that the picture sent to her was of the man kneeling on one knee in front of her.

She raised an eyebrow. It seems she could get revenge on the man in front of her a little faster.

Someone was helping her.

The picture that was sent to her was a picture of Duan Xing Yuan and a strange woman having dinner together!

He had obviously reserved the entire romantic western restaurant, and there was a whole band playing live music just for them next to their table. Aside from the picture of them eating face to face, there was also one of him and that woman dancing romantically in front of the band…..

She smiled coldly, tapped the picture and placed it in front of him:

“Is this what you mean by sorry?”

She gritted her teeth, her eyes red, “From the time you misunderstood me until now, it hasn’t even been a week, right? You’re so eager to find a replacement? Then why did you come to me? Why are you still showing up in front of me with something like this?”

Angry, she took the ring from his hand and threw it away, “I don’t want this kind of thing! Get lost too, don’t appear in front of me again….”

When Duan Xing Yuan saw the picture, he froze. He didn’t expect to see this picture here with her, to be precise, he thought this matter would remain a secret forever.

However he was someone who had seen a lot of things hence he didn’t panic at all, his eyes only flashed before he sighed, “Qing Yu, you know….. you know that my family…. hasn’t been very satisfied with you… They want me to marry a girl whose family is well-matched with ours in terms of social status. It took me a lot of effort to convince them to say yes when I first got engaged to you. This time….”

He sighed, “Although the video online is fake, they, they also saw it, moreover, the elders in the family feel… that your reputation has been ruined and that some people may always assume that the person in the video is you, especially those who don’t go online and haven’t seen that video, they’ll be prejudiced against you, their hearts…”

Duan Xing Yuan picked the ring up and looked at her, “So, when I went back to work in the imperial city, I was forced by my family to go on a blind date with her. The restaurant, the band, all of it was arranged by my family. I was just going through the motions politely….. Qing Yu, you know that the only girl I’ve ever liked is you. You’re my first love and the only woman I’ve ever loved!”

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  1. Honestly I don’t feel he’s that much trash. if it was her that caught him cheating, she’d also break up with him. (He thought it was real)

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