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Chapter 230 Her heart ached for him

Mu Xuan Qing loved his family and friends, so after that he distanced himself from the Mu family and from his teacher…. He stopped making friends, and most of his previous close friends who he had been genuinely involved with had been killed in the accident and were either missing, dead, or had problems with their heads or bodies and were no longer in the public eye….

He was alone, alone by choice.

But at this moment, that man, it seems, was about to break his own principles of more than ten years.

His niece, had appeared at his side.

“Qing Yu, he isn’t suitable for you and being around him will cause you a lot of pain. What’s more, you might even… get into trouble. Uncle doesn’t want anything to happen to you.”

It was because Shen Jianan was overwhelmed with worry, that was why he told Gu Qing Yu what he remembered.

“Besides, he’s so powerful that even uncle wouldn’t be able to protect you if he bullies you.”

Shen Ruiyi looked a bit shaken. He didn’t expect that there was such a legendary figure in C Country, what’s more he was also the boyfriend of his cousin whom he had just recognized!

But, probably because he was just listening, he was less in awe than Father Shen and more excited; after all, which young man didn’t like such exciting stories? And it had actually happened in real life….

Shen Ruiyi, who was actually interested in the entertainment industry and who gave up the Shen family’s hundreds of billions of dollars of assets abroad and didn’t take care of them to run to C Country to take over a film and television company that seemed very weak compared to the Shen family’s other industries, had a very rich imagination. He was even inspired to make a film about Mu Xuan Qing, but he knew that Father Shen wouldn’t agree and that he wouldn’t even be allowed to film it, as it was a very far-reaching matter.

He thought with some regret.

Gu Qing Yu laughed, “Uncle, what gave you the illusion that it is Sir who would bully me? You think that because I’m with him, I have to listen to him?”

Shen Jianan froze, then he met the mischievous smile of the girl in front of him. Smiling sweetly, she winked, “Even though I am his, he has to listen to me because he is also mine.”

She looked like a really young girl, but her eyes were unmistakably determined, “Only I can bully him, he can’t bully me.”

She was no match for him in terms of force….

However, having just heard some things about his past, she realized that the events of Sir’s past had shaped him into the man he was today….

Suddenly she felt a little distressed for him.

Her heart ached for the ten-year-old who had no idea of the terrible things that had happened to him. He lost almost all his friends in that terrible event, lost his health, his sense of security and his family….

He isolated himself and did everything with others in mind, without thinking of himself.

And yet, once a month, he had to go through such a painful and vulnerable experience….

How awful it must be to feel one’s blood flowing clean.

He probably felt his life force draining away more than once, thought more than once that he might just die, or even, perhaps, wished to just die….

Just thinking about it made her heart ache.

It wasn’t fear, but heartache.

But not anymore….

Gu Qing Yu took out her cell phone and called Mu Xuan Qing: “Sir?”

“En?” Gu Qing Yu usually called at night and rarely during the day, hence Mu Xuan Qing put down what he was doing.

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  1. Gu Qing Yu must be having memory problems. Seems like she was bullied quite thoroughly on their first night.

    Thank you for the chapter!

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