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Chapter 65 If someone is to change places, they should do it

Duan Yun Yun laughed, “Don’t worry, my cousin has been a neat freak since he was a child. If he knew that someone betrayed him, even if it was only in heart, he would find it very disgusting, and…”

Looking at the nervous expression on Sun Caiyu’s face, she laughed at her, “Caiyu, you’re too nervous. We came here first, they came later, I just reported what I saw to my cousin, it’s not like I asked him to come, he wanted to come…”

Sun Caiyu blushed and coughed softly, “I know, don’t laugh at me.”

She lowered her head, but her grip on the cup tightened and staring in the direction of the door, her heart started beating a little faster.

Gu Qing Yu had actually noticed Sun Caiyu at the other end, after all, their gazes were too obvious.

But she didn’t recognise who Sun Caiyu was at first. It was only when Chen Ran reminded her that she did.

Her ex-fiancé’s blind date…

It seemed that Miss Sun was quite happy with Duan Xing Yuan, otherwise she wouldn’t have looked at her with such a slightly hostile and complicated look.

“Miss Gu, do you want to change the place?” Chen Ran asked.

“Not at all. If someone is to change places, they should do it.” Gu Qing Yu was at ease, drinking her tea and eating her snacks leisurely.

She ate so much that Chen Ran was a bit shocked, after all, Sir had a very bad appetite and never touched such things as desserts. However Miss Gu was very elegant, and her every move was very natural, even if she ate the dessert with her hands, she didn’t look vulgar at all, which was very similar to Sir. Unconventional, yet one couldn’t find anything wrong with her, and one couldn’t even look away.

Chen Ran had only ordered the signature dish of the Hearing Snow Pavilion, but guessing that it wouldn’t be enough with Miss Gu’s appetite, he silently called the shop assistant and ordered all the dishes on the menu.

Duan Yun Yun at the other end couldn’t help but snicker when she saw this scene, “Tsk, she really hasn’t seen the world, how can she eat so much? I guess in a small place like S City, she has never eaten such good food like the one at Hearing Snow Pavilion!”

“That guy is really not picky, he can even date a bucket of rice like that!”

“It’s a bit strange, she eats so much, how does she keep her figure?” Another girlfriend was a bit puzzled, and her tone accidentally showed a bit of envy, after all, Gu Qing Yu’s body was too perfect. Usually thin people would look like they had no breasts, their bodies would be as unattractive as bean sprouts and their skin wouldn’t look very vibrant due to dieting.

But Gu Qing Yu was different. From a distance, one could tell that her skin was full of collagen and looked very elastic, pink and soft, and her face looked very good. Moreover, her body was really thin where it should be and not too fleshy where it shouldn’t be, so perfect that it made people jealous.

Staring at Gu Qing Yu’s slender waist and the beautifully curved lines of her breasts, Duan Yun Yun said sourly as she bit her lower lip: “That’s easy, it’s just plastic surgery!”

If it could be so natural and beautiful, they would want to have it done too.

The other two girlfriends stared at Gu Qing Yu but didn’t say anything.

Sun Caiyu’s heart was also a bit sour. She was confident that she was a good-looking girl from among the many big families in the capital, and she knew that many of the young ladies had undergone microscopic plastic surgery, while she was purely natural and more pleasing to people, however, this confidence disappeared in front of Gu Qing Yu in an instant.

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