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Chapter 237 Retaliation

However in this moment, Sun Mingyuan found that she was very much like Shen Qingyan.

Sun Mingyuan laughed, “You are so much like your mother.”

Gu Qing Yu became a little impatient.

Sun Mingyuan seemed to sense her impatience and couldn’t help but laugh, “It’s true that you’re not my biological daughter, but I once….. wished you were. However the moment you were born, I had your DNA tested in secret. You are not my daughter.”

Rather, she was the evidence that the woman he loved so much had abandoned him.

“At that time, your mother gave up everything and eloped with me back to C Country but our families cut us off from all financial resources, and once in C Country, I encountered even more terrible obstacles from my own family. They didn’t even give me a chance to earn money so I had to move bricks in a construction site. I was so busy every day that I didn’t have time to take care of her properly…. but your mother was a very good and wonderful woman. She didn’t blame me, but I was the one who made a mistake.”

A bitter look appeared in Sun Mingyuan’s eyes, “I couldn’t stand that kind of misery and I couldn’t stand being treated like a poor boy while there were rich boys courting your mother with all kinds of flowers and gifts. I knew she wouldn’t accept them, otherwise she wouldn’t have eloped with me in the first place… but my pride was wounded. I was frustrated by her suitors, so I left your mother behind and went back home. I wanted to take the roundabout route and go home to seize power and then bring your mother back to live a better life. However…. I didn’t discuss it with her, and even if I had she might not have agreed. So, in her opinion…”

Sun Mingyuan laughed bitterly, “I was the one who abandoned her. To make matters worse, my mother went to her and accidentally caused her, who didn’t know she was pregnant at the time, to have a miscarriage….”

Gu Qing Yu froze.

Even Sun Caiyu, who was listening next to him was wide-eyed.

“That’s right. Our child has been dead for a long time because I didn’t protect her well….”

Sighing, Sun Mingyuan looked at Gu Qing Yu, “After losing the child, your mother hated me and said she could accept breaking up with me, but couldn’t accept that the child died because of me and my family. So to get back at me, she agreed to the advances of the man who took care of her while she was in the hospital afterwards, which is your father Gu Wen Qiang and then, there was you. I did go to your mother in the middle of all this and I even suspected that you were my daughter, but she just sneered and made me pull out your hair and made me do a DNA test and the result….. she succeeded in getting back at me because you were indeed not my daughter.”

So that’s how it was. It seems that the low-key, gentle mother who didn’t care about anything in the original owner’s memory, was actually quite tough at heart…..

She knew exactly what she could do to hurt Sun Mingyuan the most so chose this way to get back at him. Although she herself wasn’t happy afterwards…..

Gu Qing Yu lowered her eyelashes. She found herself liking the original owner’s mother a little.

Shrugging, she looked at Sun Caiyu. “It’s been explained clearly, can I go now?”

Sun Caiyu opened her mouth but was unable to say a word.

Everything she had just heard was still causing her head to spin.

Gu Qing Yu turned to leave, not caring what she might be thinking.

Once she got back to the Gu Mansion, Lin Han Jiao, whom she hadn’t seen for a while was waiting there. As soon as Lin Han Jiao saw Gu Qing Yu, her eyes lit up, “Boss!”

Lin Han Jiao was really grateful to Gu Qing Yu. She had previously made a mistake that had ruined Gu Qing Yu’s reputation and although she had clarified it later, it had still messed Gu Qing Yu’s engagement up. And, though she didn’t say it, she had suffered as well because she felt she had ruined Gu Qing Yu’s marriage.

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One thought on “Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

  1. Seems like Gu Qing Yu’s mother was rather immature. Getting pregnant in a relationship with a self-serving scumbag probably hurt her more than it ever did her ex-lover.

    Thank you for the chapter!

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