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Chapter 312 She won

Gu Qing Yu looked at Mu Ai who was clearly not right in front of her and narrowed her eyes, “Get out of her body now otherwise….. I’ll make you die a horrible death!”

No.00 burst out laughing, “Let me die? Haha, Gu Qing Yu, are you stupid? You and I are from the same place, don’t you know that as long as we have energy, we won’t die? On the contrary, this niece of your man ….. is now under my control, do you dare touch her?”

Gu Qing Yu’s face was expressionless, without the slightest hesitation, “I hate her in the first place, so it would even be better if she was dead.”

Gu Qing Yu was really …..

Mu Ai felt as if her entire body was twisted. That’s right, she and Gu Qing Yu were almost at loggerheads, what’s more if it wasn’t for her this time, Gu Qing Yu’s things wouldn’t have been stolen and her institute wouldn’t have suffered so many deaths and injuries…..

So it was very normal for Gu Qing Yu to not want to save her.

But Mu Ai wasn’t willing to have her body controlled by someone else and she didn’t want to die so she began to struggle angrily. As the original owner of this body, Mu Ai still had control over it. Earlier, she had only been scared and had been experiencing for the first time the feeling of having her consciousness controlled in one place while her body wasn’t under her control. But now, hearing Gu Qing Yu’s words and fearing that Gu Qing Yu wouldn’t save her, Mu Ai began to struggle with a strong desire for survival as well as rage.

Sensing that she was fighting with him for control of this body, No.00’s expression became extremely ugly, “Be quiet! Otherwise I’ll kill you!”

“Go ahead, kill me. If you kill me you’ll also die!”

Mu Ai gritted her teeth. It shouldn’t think she didn’t know why this monster chose her. Wasn’t it because she was from the Mu family, so this monster must have thought that Gu Qing Yu wouldn’t do anything to her? She had now come to her senses. She had completely turned into a tool for this monster because of her surname Mu, but she didn’t want to be used as a shield all the time.

No.00 didn’t expect this weak and stupid human to dare to resist and as he was originally an alien intruder, his energy body itself wasn’t very stable and so he was really starting to get squeezed out a bit.

At this moment, without hesitation, Mu Xuan Qing striked and pulled No.00 straight out of Mu Ai’s body hard and fast!

Gu Qing Yu immediately opened the machine she had brought with her and No.00, the energy body that was already halfway out of Mu Ai’s whole face contorted as he looked at the machine with fear.

This machine again. He had been trapped in a machine like this for years and previously it had only been able to trap him along with the body he had been using at the time, so there was nothing they could do to him. They couldn’t kill him, so they could only keep him like that, but now it was different. If he turned into an energy body and was trapped straight away, then there really wouldn’t be many people who could sense his presence and save him!

No.00 struggled, not wanting to leave Mu Ai’s body, but Mu Ai seemed to realize that her struggles and resistance were useful and tried hard to push him out of her body and with Mu Xuan Qing and Gu Qing Yu present, eventually No.00 screamed and was sucked into that machine and trapped.

Mu Ai’s entire body collapsed to the ground in a deflated heap. She was pale, but had a grateful expression on her face.

Fortunately, she won, she had survived….

She trembled. The feeling of being controlled and trapped in a corner where she could do nothing was so terrible that she didn’t believe in any system at all now.

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