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Chapter 90 If I don’t let go… what are you going to do?

Because Sir had never spoken in a tone of helplessness. He had always used a calm, cold and indifferent tone….

And most of the time, it was impossible to guess his emotions.

But at this moment, Mu Xuan Qing’s tone contained helpless, and behind this helplessness, it was indulgence. If one went a little deeper, it was pampering.

Gu Qing Yu laughed softly and from behind, rested her head on his shoulder, blowing air gently right next to his ear as she teased, “If I don’t let go… what are you going to do?”

Mu Xuan Qing was silent for a few seconds. Yes, if she didn’t let go, what was he going to do?

If he was to go by his previous way of conduct, he would have had her thrown out… oh, not right. If it was the way he used to do it, he wouldn’t have even let someone have the chance to jump on him.

This hadn’t happened before, so what was he to do?

He even discovered that he wasn’t repulsed by her actions and his body was even feeling everything about her in earnest. His ears actually warmed up a little as she leaned in and her breath tickled his ears. His heart skipped a beat as well.

She still had that familiar scent on her and her body… pressed against his almost without a seam, was soft, very…


Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the dumbfounded Bai Xiuqi.

Shocked, he quickly regained his composure, “Let go, it’s not good to do such things in front of an elder.”

“An elder?”

Gu Qing Yu raised a brow, then saw Bai Xiuqi standing not far away.

She recognized Bai Xiuqi. In the original owner’s memory he was a well-known master of Chinese painting and just a random painting of his could sell for five figures and there was no shortage of six or seven-figure works from his early days. Many people who studied art regarded him as their idol.

When the award was presented in the oil painting category just now, it was Bai Xiuqi who had presented it. She still remembered how excited the people at the bottom had been to see him and how enthusiastic their reactions had been.

Gu Qing Yu wasn’t too interested in painting. The only thing she was currently interested in was….

Mu Xuan Qing.

And the energy in him.

And then….. it was all about making money.

But the purpose of making money was also ultimately because of energy.

And none of this had anything to do with Bai Xiuqi, so when she saw him, the expression on her face was very calm. She even asked Mu Xuan Qing with a bit of curiosity in her tone, “You know Teacher Bai?”

“Teacher Bai is my master.”

Mu Xuan Qing explained, but he didn’t even notice it. All these years he hadn’t let anyone know about his relationship with people who were originally close to him. A lot of people in the imperial capital knew him as ‘Sir’, but very few people knew that Bai Xiuqi, the master of Chinese painting, had been his art teacher in his early years.

This was done both to protect Bai Xiuqi and to prevent other people who wanted to please him from bothering Bai Xiuqi.

But in front of Gu Qing Yu, he actually said it naturally.

Of course Gu Qing Yu didn’t notice that he was treating her specially, because she hadn’t seen how he was with other people and even if she did, she only had eyes for Mu Xuan Qing alone hence she wouldn’t notice anyone else at all.

That was why they didn’t even notice that something was wrong, but it wasn’t necessarily the case with the other people.

Bai Xiuqi looked at the scene in front of him with surprise. He knew this disciple of his very well. Although Mu Xuan Qing hadn’t had many opportunities to meet with him in these ten years, he also knew that the current him rejected people strongly and not to mention outsiders, not even with his own family was he this close. He didn’t even talk to other people much, not to mention letting people get this close to him, but she was almost on top of him!

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