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Chapter 127 Sweet

After spending more than ten minutes to solve the problem, getting the online contact information of their agent, and her wallet also having increased by ten thousand yuan, Gu Qing Yu hummed as she started walking back to her neighbourhood, in a good mood. On the way home, she also bought some hawthorn candy, directly peeled one and ate started eating it.

Just after taking a bite, she saw Mu Xuan Qing.

His car was parked next to her as he looked at her quietly.

Her eye lighting up, Gu Qing Yu ran towards him, “Sir.”

Her voice was soft and delicate, and every time she called him ‘Sir’, there was always a special quality to the tone in her voice and unlike any other, it was like a light and airy feather that landed on his heart, tickling it.

Mu Xuan Qing lowered his eyes, his face remaining calm and inscrutable as it had always been. Gu Qing Yu narrowed her eyes, “Sir, would you like to eat a hawthorn candy?”

She took a new stick of the hawthorn candy and handed it to him, smiling like a flower. There were all kinds of bright flowers blooming in the flowerbed behind her, but none of them were as beautiful as the smile on her face.

Mu Xuan Qing stared at her pink little lips which were slightly red from the candy and her tongue that was moving naughtily between her lips and suddenly remembered the first time he met her. His hand had covered her mouth and then to his disbelief, she’d licked his palm with her tongue.

At that time, she had used this same pink little tongue.

The knot in his throat rolling, Mu Xuan Qing tried to avert his gaze.

“I will.”

He responded.

Gu Qing Yu was a little surprised. She had expected him to reject her, after all, how could a man of Mu Xuan Qing’s stature, like to eat a small street snack that little girls and children liked?

But she didn’t expect, that he was a surprise and so… real.

She liked this kind of honesty.

Smiling, she was about to give him the new stick when, to her surprise, his face came towards hers in the next moment!

Her heart seemed to be beating faster and her blood started boiling.

She was inexplicably excited.

She watched as his long eyelashes drooped slightly, hiding the light from his eyes as he drew closer and closer to her…

The skin on his face was so nice, she wanted to touch it…

However, she was more interested in his lips. Yes, they were so soft but sometimes cool, like a large summer ice cream, and, she didn’t know if it was his ability to give her energy at the same time, but she always felt… that it was so delicious.

Gu Qing Yu was already ready as she licked her lips. Oh how she’d missed her tasty food…

Mu Xuan Qing watched as her tongue licked over her lower lip, and his eyelashes dropped even lower…

Then leaning over, he bit into the iced candy that had been unwrapped in front of him…

Cleanly biting away the candy on top, he stood up straight again.


Gu Qing Yu stared at the hawthorn candy stick in front of her that was missing a piece and suddenly had the urge to bite him.

He was really…

Too much!

Not getting the energy she had been expecting, Gu Qing Yu suddenly looked at him with a slightly aggrieved expression, “Is it sweet?”

“It’s sweet.”

He looked at her steadily, as if he was talking about her and not the iced hawthorn candy.

Gu Qing Yu put the other hawthorn candy in her hand back down, “There’s obviously a new one, why did you eat mine…”

As Gu Qing Yu muttered, Mu Xuan Qing laughed secretly in his heart, thinking that the sour and sweet iced candy in his mouth that wasn’t very much to his taste seemed unexpectedly sweet, just like her…

“Come, I’ll take you home.”

It was a long walk from here to her house.

Gu Qing Yu nodded obediently, “Hmm!”

She got into his car in a familiar manner but as she watched him drive into their neighbourhood, she was a little envious.

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