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Chapter 296 No. 00 and No. 01

Chen Ran said hurriedly, “Sir, it’s news from the Research Institute. They said that recently, No. 00 has obviously weakened a lot, and the energy in his body is on the verge of being undetectable.”

No. 00, was the person Gu Qing Yu had helped him capture before. Several years had passed and as Gu Qing Yu said, without new energy replenishment, that man wouldn’t last long at all.

Over the years, No. 00 had also provided them with a wealth of information. C Country didn’t particularly suspect that No. 00 was an alien, they just found the energy fluctuations in No. 00 strange and so were studying this energy. Furthermore, they had discovered that similar energies existed on Earth, but that as industrialization progressed, this type of energy became increasingly scarce. To be more specific, the less polluted the environment, the less polluted the energy detected on purely natural things.

Gu Qing Yu was one of the key researchers.

In order to protect Gu Qing Yu, Mu Xuan Qing had kept the existence of aliens a secret, but this was because he knew that human society would need to develop for at least a few hundred or a thousand years before it could reach the kind of heights that Gu Qing Yu’s planet had attained and before they would be able to get to her side of the planet.

So, he just reported on the special energy and went about studying this energy carefully, reporting what he had researched without reservation, something he was happy to do as long as it had nothing to do with Gu Qing Yu.

After listening to Chen Ran, Mu Xuan Qing nodded, “En, where is No. 01?”

Yes, apart from No. 00 that they had caught at the beginning, which was from the same place as Gu Qing Yu, they had also found out later on that there was No. 01, No. 02 ……

They caught No. 01 first, and No. 01 confessed that the experiment had succeeded in at least ten of them, so Mu Xuan Qing numbered them. The first one being No. 00, who, as if spreading a virus, turned at least ten human beings into experiments filled with a lot of energy like Mu Xuan Qing. However, their appearance was in the last few years, because most of that person’s previous experiments had been failures. The ones that succeeded were mostly after that person found out that Mu Xuan Qing was still alive ……

One could well imagine, what life had been like for the dozen people over the years, from No. 01 to the last of them.

However, it seemed that quite a few of them volunteered.

In order to gain great power, they voluntarily underwent this ‘genetic modification’.

That’s right, this was a method that No. 00 claimed to have, and many of his subjects who came to him voluntarily, accepted it.

No. 01 was captured last year, and then No. 02 was captured. No. 02 was one of the ones who volunteered, and who had been trying to save No. 00.

And, despite the fact that No. 01 had been captured for almost a year and had been extremely cooperative, even telling them about the existence of other experiments, and No. 02 had been captured due to the information he had revealed, Mu Xuan Qing was never too trusting of No. 01.

To be precise, he didn’t really trust all of them, so he didn’t keep them together, keeping them in different institutes.

“No. 01 doesn’t look any different from before. He has said he was taken by force by No. 00 and that he doesn’t like the feeling of being locked up in the lab. He just wants to be reunited with his family ……” Chen Ran thought about something then continued, “Sir, he’s been kept in the lab for almost a year now, Sir, it seems, he’s not acting any different….”

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