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Chapter 132 Sir, won’t you stop it?

Naturally, her actions didn’t escape Gu Qing Yu’s eyes. Gu Qing Yu laughed softly and lifted her foot without hesitation. There was a ‘crack’, then Mu Ai screamed out in agony.


Mu Ai looked at Gu Qing Yu in front of her in disbelief, her pupils shaking. This woman…

This woman was too terrible!

She… she actually kicked her hand directly!

Her hand…

Mu Ai stared at her hand, which had instantly become red and swollen. Her eyes red with pain and tears, she gritted her teeth as she pointed at Gu Qing Yu: “You madwoman! I’ll have someone kill you!!”

“Kill me? Go ahead, I’m ready for you at anytime.”

Gu Qing Yu smiled slightly. If she wanted to die, she was ready to accompany her.

Gu Qing Yu was so calm, so calm that Mu Ai got scared. Mu Ai stared at the woman in front of her. She was completely different from the soft and sweet Miss Gu she had found in the profile she had ordered an investigation on. Wasn’t she supposed to be weak, gentle, and kind? How could she be so terrible, so violent?!

Mu Ai realized that she had made a mistake, she shouldn’t have been afraid of her family finding out, which caused her to casually pay someone online. What difference did those idiots make? Now she had exposed herself and put herself through such pain….. She should have gone directly to her mother in the first place! At least the people her mother hired would have done everything right…..

Gu Qing Yu approached her step by step, “It’s just swollen… what a pity, it unexpectedly didn’t break… Sigh, even if it did it wouldn’t be okay, after all… if it breaks… you can recover….”

Her tone was too light, too light that Mu Ai trembled as she felt her hair stand on end. This feeling of her life being threatened was unprecedented, and her intuition told her that the woman in front of her wasn’t just saying this to scare her. Judging from her crazy behavior just now, she was really going to break her hand!

She tried to run away, but this was the first time she had encountered such a situation. Her legs were weak and she couldn’t stand up even with the help of the table. She could only watch as Gu Qing Yu walked towards her step by step and look at her from above…

A slightly devilish smile on her face…

Mu Ai felt like her blood was freezing and her face numb, she stammered, trying to save herself: “Do you, do you know… know who I am?! I’m… I’m the Eldest Miss of the Mu family in the imperial capital…. If you dare do anything to me… the Mu family will definitely make you die without a place of burial!”

The Mu family?

Gu Qing Yu raised an eyebrow, suddenly thinking of something…

Mu Ai, Mu Xuan Qing…

It couldn’t be Sir’s family, right?

Then it was a problem…

Gu Qing Yu sighed, a little vexed.

If this Mu Ai was Sir’s relative, would he be angry with her if she acted and never give her the chance to get her energy again?

When Mu Ai saw her stop, she thought her threat had worked. Relieved, she opened her mouth, “Let me go, I… I won’t tell anyone…”

If she didn’t then there was something wrong with her!

When she returned to the capital, she would definitely tell her father and mother and have them send someone to kill this Gu Qing Yu!

How dare she do such a thing to her!!

The ruthlessness in her eyes was too obvious. Gu Qing Yu laughed softly, and seeing her stand up secretly to try to grab the phone to escape, she kicked out without hesitation. Mu Ai cried out, her whole body falling straight onto the carpet.

Outside, Chen Ran looked up at Mu Xuan Qing when he heard the screams inside: “Sir, won’t you stop it?”

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One thought on “Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

  1. Well that was me going hard to flaccid. Seriously despise it when they change character, just break her who cares about what family she is from

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