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Chapter 190 Even more triumphant

Her eldest uncle and parents couldn’t get more benefits from this powerful little uncle because they didn’t know how to please him, but not her. She was the only girl in the family, beautiful, excellent and a sweet talker; he would definitely like her!

When the time came, she would impress him. Then it would be best to make him take her with him afterwards, or introduce her to more powerful people so that even if she couldn’t paint in the future, she would still do well!

Mu Xuan Yang and Second Madam Mu found that it made sense when they thought about it. Mu Xuan Qing had to be taking care of the only girl in the family, otherwise why would he come to her wedding?

It had to be known, that when the old man was alive, he had been very fond of their daughter, which was also the reason why they never gave preference to boys although they had sons, because the Mu family was full of boys, and there was only one girl, Mu Ai.

They weren’t willing to be suppressed by Mu Xuan Lin all the time, so if they had Mu Xuan Qing’s support, then even if they couldn’t be the head of the Mu family, they could still develop better than before, so, Mu Xuan Yang and Second Madam Mu didn’t try to stop Mu Ai, and Mu Ai also prepared her most successful work from before, intending to give it to Mu Xuan Qing as a gift.

Hadn’t Sir also been Bai Xiuqi’s disciple in his early years? If he found out that his niece was as talented as he was in painting, he would definitely like her more.

Mu Ai thought to herself.

Waiting to meet Mu Xuan Qing at the wedding, she had even changed her previous plan of only having their two families and friends and some of the big shots who knew Mu Xuan Qing in the Imperial Capital come to her wedding and made a few more invitations to invite some of her plastic sisters over. She wanted to show them that the legendary ‘Sir’ was her little uncle, and that he also doted on her a lot!

As her plastic sisters took pictures with her in her wedding dress, Mu Ai smiled sweetly, but when she heard that Mu Xuan Qing had arrived, she was even more excited.

A few of her plastic sisters were already jealous and envious when they found out that the person she was going to marry was Duan Xing Yuan. After all, they were also the Eldest Misses in the capital, so who didn’t know that Duan Xing Yuan was a rare and perfect man with both talent and good looks among the big families in the Imperial Capital? The person they might get married to afterwards was likely to be a good match for them, but wouldn’t necessarily be talented and not necessarily be good-looking.

They were even more excited when they learned that Mu Ai’s little uncle was a big shot and while most of them had had no idea who ‘Sir’ was, with Mu Ai’s bragging, they all pretty much knew now so were naturally eager to meet this legendary ‘Sir’.

Hearing Second Madam Mu say that ‘Sir’ had come, all the ladies in the line were very excited and Mu Ai looked even more triumphant.

Although she was the bride, ‘Sir’ was a great personage and an elder at that, so naturally she couldn’t wait for him to come to her, nor would he necessarily come, so she had to go and greet ‘Sir’ herself.

Mu Ai smiled as she walked towards the most prominent position in the crowd. Even Elder Duan and Father Duan, as well as the haughty head of the Sun family, were all there with respectful attitudes. As she counted the number of familiar faces in front of ‘Sir’ along the way and listened to the plastic sisters around her marvel at the fact that ‘all these bigwigs could be together at the same time’, she had a better perception of her little uncle’s status, and became even more smug.

Then when she saw Mu Xuan Qing, she began to marvel at the fact that her mysterious little uncle was so young and handsome, with such an extraordinary temperament, when she noticed….

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3 thoughts on “Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

  1. I instinctively want to call this ending a cliffhanger, but given how obvious the outcome is, it feels like that term is incorrect.

    Thank you for the chapter!

  2. i feel like the conflicts in this novel is so similar to each other. as if i am listening to a horrible one liner song on repeat. i am just staying for the well done translation and the leads humorous interactions

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