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Chapter 177 Sign! We must sign with them!!!

The people from LILA in the meeting room were a little anxious and a little nervous to open the video that Gu Qing Yu had sent them. Because the video was short they didn’t even need to meet, and the people from Fei Fei’s Studio were also very straight-forward and didn’t seem to be afraid at all that they wouldn’t pay them for their work, sending them the file directly.

Once it was opened, even Shen Ruiyi, the small boss who was already expecting something from Fei Fei Studio, was stunned.

Thirty seconds went by so quickly that it seemed like an instant had passed, yet it seemed especially long.

There was an eerie silence in the room for several seconds, and then, in a flash, it exploded!

“Sign! We must sign with them!!!”

The man who spoke was producer Huang, who had not been optimistic about Fei Fei’s studio, but at the moment Huang Yue’s eyes were glowing, having shaken off the frustration of not having his negotiations go smoothly with the people from Hollywood.

Shen Ruiyi couldn’t help but laugh out loud, “Alright, then it’s decided.”

He thought about it for a moment then narrowed his eyes, “Let me be the one to talk about the contract and by the way… get to know the owner of this studio. Perhaps in the future, we can also work together for a long time.”

Everyone else was fine with it. After all, they had all just seen that Fei Fei’s Studio was a really powerful studio, and now finally knew why they had been so confident earlier, because sooner or later they would have shown that they had the strength, and if it wasn’t with their movie, it would have been with someone else’s movie.

One might even say that they’d had a head start.

If they hadn’t had their eye on Fei Fei’s Studios and had refused when they offered to do the special effects for their live-action movie, they might not have had this opportunity and would have had to watch other companies work with Fei Fei Studios for two-thirds less money than they would have given Hollywood to produce special effects that were as good as, or even better than, Hollywood’s!

If that had happened, they would have really lost out big time.

The eyes of the people in the meeting room as they looked at Shen Ruiyi was suddenly different, “No wonder you’re the little boss, just a little bolder than us conservative old men and brave enough to try in order to eat the biggest meat….. a hero out of the youth.”

Shen Ruiyi didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, but didn’t refute their statement. He was busy having the contract drawn up, then replied directly to Fei Fei’s Studio himself, saying that he was willing to cooperate and set up a time to talk about signing the contract.

Gu Qing Yu had actually expected them to say yes, but she hadn’t expected them to move so quickly, and, looking at their actions, it seems they intended to continue working with her?

She wasn’t in a hurry. Anyway, when [The Summit] was released, she would be approached by countless people with movies, so if LILA offered her good terms, she was willing to work with them on a long-term basis, otherwise…

She could totally wait for a few months, as she wasn’t short of money now.

LILA was very sincere, and Gu Qing Yu was very satisfied with the terms they negotiated with her, so she agreed to do the special effects for their next few movies. Shen Ruiyi was very smart and generous with his offer, as the price for this movie was almost a third of the price of the one asked by Hollywood and the time they would use to complete the movie less than half of the time the people from Hollywood would have used!

The special effects done just within three days and with the thirty seconds video was enough to convince him that Fei Fei’s Studio would be able to do a good job with the special effects of the movie, so he agreed without hesitation, and in order to get Gu Qing Yu to agree to work with them for the next few movies, Shen Ruiyi directly proposed that the pay for the next few movies after that could be given to her in the form of a share of the box office.

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