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Chapter 198 The start of the new semester

The summer holidays were almost over, hence Gu Qing Yu returned to S City just as school started again.

Because it was a new semester, a new batch of freshmen arrived at the school, and because they had to participate in military training, the freshmen began school early, so that by the time Seniors like Gu Qing Yu and others returned, the freshmen were already in school. Gu Qing Yu was already in her third year, so she didn’t participate in any of the campus organizations, hence no matter how lively the School of Fine Arts was, she just did her own thing.

Since she had started living off campus, even her dormmates, Si Si and Xia Zirou, who had been close to her, had become less close to her, and Lin Xiaoyi had already been released, however after she was released she took a break from school and was now back in her second year, no longer in the same class as Gu Qing Yu.

When everyone saw Lin Xiaoyi, they were inevitably a little embarrassed, and Lin Xiaoyi herself was embarrassed too. After all, in the eyes of these people, she was a thief. She was obviously not short of money, yet she did it because she was jealous of Gu Qing Yu and thought she wouldn’t notice, thinking that more money would be better, and made her class president Shao Zihan, whom she had a crush on, blacklist her directly.

The good thing was that after she came back from taking a break, although people hardly ever contacted her again, they also didn’t take the initiative to bring what she had done up as she kept a low profile. At best, they just whispered behind her back occasionally.

Lin Xiaoyi began to maintain a very low profile. As she had managed to get into such a good school as the School of Fine Arts at S University, she really didn’t want to ruin herself so after being lectured by her parents during the summer holidays, she decided to spend her four years in a low profile and return home when she got her degree so that no one would know what she had done.

“Have you heard? She’s the one who’s said to be a thief and stole tens of thousands of yuan of painting equipment from her dormmate.”

Lin Xiaoyi lowered her eyes, ignoring what her sophomore classmates were saying behind her back. Because this was an elective class with students from all the class years, it was only natural that there would be such discussions. The only thing that made her happy was that Gu Qing Yu and almost all of the students in her previous class had already taken this class, so she didn’t need to be in it with them again.

There were so many rumors about her because of what had happened before that she had almost no friends now and although Si Si and Xia Zirou were still in the same dorm as she was, they had no intention of talking to her even though Gu Qing Yu had moved out.

Which was why she had simply applied to be moved to a single dormitory. She was used to being on her own now anyway.

Although, there was still some bitterness in her heart.

Lin Xiaoyi had assumed that no one would ever make friends with her again, but to her surprise, a freshman girl approached her to talk to her at the start of the new semester.

“You’re Lin Xiaoyi, right? Sis, you’re really good-looking.”

If Gu Qing Yu were here at the moment, she would have realized that the girl who was talking very sweetly, was Zhuang Jing.

At the start of the new semester, Zhuang Jing had succeeded in getting into the School of Fine Arts at S University, and she and Shao Zihan had been together for almost six months.

When she arrived at the School of Fine Arts, she found out that her boyfriend was really as good as she thought he was. He was the president of the student council of the School of Fine Arts and a guy who was admired by many of the teachers as well as the Dean of the school. He even welcomed the freshmen on behalf of the department and she couldn’t have been more proud as she watched him speak on stage.

Such a wonderful man was her boyfriend!

“Senior Shao is so handsome, so elegant, I wonder if he already has a girlfriend?”

Listening to the girls around her who were also first year students swooning over her boyfriend in groups, Zhuang Jing was pleased with herself. Her boyfriend, of course, was the best.

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3 thoughts on “Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

  1. Girl needs to realize that it’s better to live off your own reputation than that of your boyfriend. Especially when your boyfriend is as opportunistic as Shao Zihan.

    Thank you for the chapter!

    1. Not t mention they are still boys/girlfriends. Even if you are married already. Don’t live by your husband’s name. If something happens. You will leave with nothing. that’s why independent women are so fascinating

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