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Chapter 88 Why was this woman always such an eyesore?

It was over. Her position as a closed disciple might be taken away from her…

Gu Qing Yu…

Why was this woman always such an eyesore? She had stolen the heart of the man she admired, and now she had Mr. Bai’s admiration…

Mu Ai bit her lip, only to taste the fishy smell of blood.

Gu Qing Yu was actually very relaxed. Despite the fact that she had arrived early, she had a certain degree of certainty that she would win after glancing around at the paintings participating in the entry in advance, hence she went to the underground cafe in the exhibition hall calmly to have a cup of coffee.

The coffee was a secondary reason. The main reason was that she had received an interesting invitation.

Zhuang Zi Yi looked at the beautiful girl in front of him with a twinkle in his eye. However he quickly remembered the purpose of his trip. He took out his tablet and showing it to her, said, “It’s something like this. I think your drawing gives a very vast and distant feeling. It just fits the theme of our animation film this time.”

Zhuang Ziyi was in the animation business and had a team under him whose skills were currently ranked among the top in China.

He also had some special effects talents whom he had poached from abroad for a large sum of money.

Zhuang Zi Yi had always felt that Chinese people could also produce excellent anime and animation films and were definitely not inferior to the people of country J, thus he had been working hard since he went to university. After graduating, he started his own company and they had made several anime with good ratings and in recent years, as anime movies had become very popular, he started making films too. He even paid a lot of money to get a professional special effects team from abroad for one of his movies.

However, while the characters, script, and visual effects were all excellent, he wasn’t satisfied with the backgrounds, only feeling that although they were beautiful, they weren’t grand enough. This time he just happened to come to the competition of his junior brother and to see the paintings as well. Unexpectedly, he saw Gu Qing Yu’s work, causing Zhuang Zi Yi to immediately feel that this was the feeling!

This was exactly the feeling he wanted in his backgrounds!

So, he sought his junior brother who was competing out in order to facilitate a meeting with Gu Qing Yu.

“The background of an animated movie…..” Gu Qing Yu thought about it. It wasn’t difficult for her, moreover because it was an animation, the requirements were definitely not as high as the paintings she usually drew so it probably wouldn’t take much time either.

“Junior sister Gu, we’ll pay you well!” Zhuang Zi Yi said with certain lack of confidence, because he actually knew about Gu Qing Yu. After all, the number of times she had been in the hot seat during this period of time was too great. Even if he didn’t usually pay attention to these things, he knew about it to a certain extent.

Knowing Gu Qing Yu, he naturally also knew that she came from a wealthy family so there was no shortage of money therefore using money to entice her wouldn’t necessarily work.

“Besides, when the film is released it will definitely have your name on it. This is also good for your resume…. Junior sister, if you want to, you can also work directly for our company after graduation….” Zhuang Zi Yi struggled to find a point that could convince Gu Qing Yu.

But to his surprise. Gu Qing Yu said, “Compensation? How much will it be?”


Zhuang Zi Yi was silent for a few seconds then looking at Gu Qing Yu’s face that was so beautiful that it was out of this world, he replied, “One hundred…. one hundred thousand?”

Gu Qing Yu thought for a moment. If she could win the first prize in this competition, then she would have 100,000. Although it would take a little longer to help Zhuang Zi Yi draw some background pictures, painting competitions didn’t always happen and it was even more rare to find one with such a generous prize. She guessed that the average rate the competitions occurred was only between one or two months.

If she wanted to win another prize from another competition in such a short time, she wouldn’t necessarily have the chance.

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