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Chapter 201 Did she really think she didn’t have evidence?

At the other end, Gu Qing Yu had also successfully won the first prize in the Chinese painting category and was about to leave when she saw the oil painting category award displayed on the big screen. The familiar painting style made her narrow her eyes and then look at the name below…

Zhuang Jing?

Gu Qing Yu thought to herself, wasn’t Zhuang Jing Zhuang Zi Yi’s sister? How could her painting be so similar to hers…. by at least 70% to 80%?

The reason why she thought it was only 70% to 80% similar was because Zhuang Jing’s painting wasn’t really good. In Gu Qing Yu’s eyes, it gave the feeling of a schoolboy copying a painting but not copying it well. She narrowed her eyes. She wouldn’t have felt that anything was wrong if only the composition or color were similar, but if both were nearly identical….

She squinted.

If it was another painting, it would have been fine, but it was exactly the one she had lost. Zhuang Jing wasn’t stupid, she wouldn’t have copied a painting that already existed in such a public competition when she knew it existed because sooner or later, someone would find out and then her reputation in the art circle would be tarnished.

But what if it was a painting that only the original author and she knew about? And what if, the original version of the painting was in her possession….

Maybe she had decided that she, the original author, had no evidence, that was why she had dared to do such a bold thing, right?

Gu Qing Yu laughed lightly. It just so happened that she did have evidence….

Without hesitation, she turned around and walked towards the judges’ side. When Zhuang Jing, who had already received her award on stage saw Gu Qing Yu appear with a sharp eye, the expression on her face changed, and when she saw where Gu Qing Yu was walking towards, she even felt as if her heart was about to jump out of her mouth!

What should she do?! She couldn’t allow her to tell everyone about her being a plagiarist….

No, there was nothing Gu Qing Yu could do about it now….

That’s right, it was okay. In Zhuang Jing’s heart, Gu Qing Yu had no evidence at all that she was the original artist…..

Besides, no matter how much power the organizers of this competition had, they couldn’t go to her house to search for Gu Qing Yu’s painting; she wasn’t a criminal…

Zhuang Jing had forgotten that she had already committed a crime. If the painting she had stolen had been an ordinary one, it would have been fine, but Gu Qing Yu’s paintings were sold in galleries for tens of thousands of yuan, which meant, that by virtue of stealing something that cost tens of thousands of yuan, she had already committed a crime.

She bit her lower lip then tried to smile, feeling apprehensive.

On the other end, Gu Qing Yu took out her cell phone and went to the jury members of the oil painting category, two of whom were last year’s jury members and knew Chen Gaoyu. Most of all they were very impressed with Gu Qing Yu’s paintings, especially when they later learned that after old Mr. Bai Xiuqi had seen Gu Qing Yu’s paintings, he had directly accepted her as his disciple….

Gu Qing Yu had already made a name for herself in their circle, hence a few of them were a little sad that she didn’t enter the oil painting category in this competition, but chose the Chinese painting category instead.

But even though it was a pity, she was studying under Mr. Bai Xiuqi and he naturally had his own attainments in Chinese painting. They could only hope that after studying under him, Gu Qing Yu wouldn’t be more into Chinese painting like Bai Xiuqi and forget about her already excellent skill in oil painting. After all, she was really good at it.

Gu Qing Yu really deserved to be Mr. Bai’s closed-door disciple. Her Chinese painting had clearly only been of average quality before, but now she had crushed the entire competition easily and became the undisputed first in the Chinese painting category.

However, she had already received her award so what was she doing here? Her senior brother Chen Gaoyu was also present today; had she come to inquire about his whereabouts?

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  1. Ah, no face-slapping yet. Only in a CN can you get a whole chapter dedicated to walking across a room.

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