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Chapter 100 What does Duan Xing Yuan mean by this!

Duan Xing Yuan had promised to give him a lot of facilities, even going as far as introducing him to some of the important people in the imperial capital, which were all beneficial to the development of the Gu Company.

That was why he hadn’t felt the need to worry, because he didn’t care if Gu Qing Yu could marry Duan Xing Yuan or not. He even felt that this way Gu Qing Yu could remain the red rose Duan Xing Yuan longed for in his heart.

But it had been more than half a month since she returned to S City and in that half a month, Duan Xing Yuan hasn’t contacted him once!

It was only logical that, outside of the dissolution of their engagement, Duan Xing Yuan should have been worried about him arranging another marriage for Gu Qing Yu hence he should have been more attentive to he, Gu Wen Qiang’s dealings, to at least….. give him some benefits to stop him.

However Duan Xing Yuan did nothing, not even what he had promised to do for him earlier, leaving him hanging.

It was as if…..

He had given up on Gu Qing Yu!

His hopes of several years about to be dashed, Gu Wen Qiang, who had already imagined how much he could get through Duan Xing Yuan in the future couldn’t accept it at all!

That was why he had waited here when he knew that Gu Qing Yu wouldn’t be returning to school as she had participated in a competition today. He wanted to ask her for clarification.

But her answer made his heart sink.

“What does Duan Xing Yuan mean by this!”

Gu Wen Qiang was clearly a little annoyed.

Gu Qing Yu sneered in her heart when she saw this.

Sure enough, her existence was just a tool for Gu Wen Qiang, a tool that would allow him to gain benefits thanks to the original owner who always thought about how much he doted on her…..

That was why when she had found out the truth she had been so desperate…..

This month has been so peaceful that she had almost forgotten to get back at Gu Wen Qiang….

But breaking off the relationship with Duan Xing Yuan, causing Gu Wen Qiang’s expectations to go unfulfilled was also a kind of revenge. Only, it wasn’t enough…..

After all, he had wanted to marry her to an older man who had been married twice and could be her father…..

The image Gu Qing Chen had painted of Chen An Guo when she’d talked Lin Han Jiao into doing plastic surgery had been wrong. Chen An Guo’s previous wives didn’t live a life of luxury and comfort because they had been married to him. On the contrary, they had both ended up miserable.

One was straight up screwed by Chen An Guo who set her up with evidence of her ‘betrayal’ during their marriage and was divorced. The other had it even worse– Chen An Guo had been too promiscuous over the years, causing a lot of physical and health problems and infected his second wife with a disease so that although she got a divorce, she didn’t get much out of it and now had mental problems.

Gu Wen Qiang knew all this, but still wanted Gu Qing Yu to marry such a person….

Gu Qing Yu lowered her eyelashes….

The thing Gu Wen Qiang cherished the most was his career, so, she’ll start from there….

Gu Wen Qiang had no idea what his very well-behaved daughter was thinking, he just suppressed his anger and asked in a somewhat annoyed tone, “He really hasn’t contacted you? Or is that he called but you didn’t answer and are lying to me?”

He was really hoping that that was the case, wasn’t he? Unfortunately, Duan Xing Yuan had really stopped bothering her this time which surprised her, but not by much. She thought he shameless seek her out even though he was engaged to another woman to try to make her his mistress!

Because she knew that he had really considered it.

She lowered her head, her eyes a little moist as she replied, “I’m not lying. Dad, Duan Xing Yuan is already engaged to someone else!”

Gu Wen Qiang’s face suddenly turned ugly.

“With who?!”

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