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Chapter 115 Do you think Qing Yu blames us?

Lin Xiaoyi deserved to be in detention and she didn’t feel sorry for her.

It was just that Shao Zihan made her feel a little uncomfortable.

He appeared to be a man with a very clear objective, and now that she was his agenda, he couldn’t care less about anything else, which made her think of Gu Wen Qiang. Although she had never seen him when he was young, she wondered, could it be that when Gu Wen Qiang and Shen Qingyan first got together, he was the same…. as the way Shao Zihan was behaving now?

Showering exclusive love on the woman he liked and going out of his way to treat her with affection and care….

This might sound very romantic for the average girl but she didn’t feel it.

Gu Qing Yu only felt uncomfortable, feeling like she was the prey targeted by Shao Zihan and his aim to get this prey might not necessarily just be because of love.

Even the postings on the forum, she felt were intentional on Shao Zihan’s part or maybe he just wanted to draw more attention to the two of them and then without realising it, it would be as if the two of them were already in a relationship and some people might even think that they’d been together for a long time but just didn’t make it public.

Maybe she was overthinking it, but whatever the reason, Gu Qing Yu started to deliberately distance herself from Shao Zihan.

Shao Zihan stood in the same spot and watching her back as she left, lowered his head with a self depreciating smile on his face.

Not far away, Si Si and Xia Zirou stood together. Si Si bit her lower lip, “Zirou, do you think Qing Yu blames us?”

They’d had to echo Lin Xiaoyi’s words that day…. because they had been worried that the things Gu Qing Yu had given them would also be said to have been stolen, that was why they had admitted that she had given them gifts.

There was nothing wrong with that, but at the time, it had seemed like they were indirectly giving credence to Lin Xiaoyi’s words, as if Gu Qing Yu had really given Lin Xiaoyi the things in her backpack on purpose in order to frame her and then call the police…

Then just after that, Gu Qing Yu had said she was moving out of the dormitory which caused Si Si and Xia Zirou to feel uncomfortable.

Xia Zirou lowered her head, “Forget it, she’s not from the same world as us and…. Si Si, what if she loses something again one day and goes to report to the police that we stole it, won’t we be wronged then?”

Si Si nodded thoughtfully, “That’s true. What’s more….”

Si Si looked a little upset, ”When did Gu Qing Yu start to suspect Lin Xiaoyi and why didn’t she tell us? Did she not trust us or did she suspect both of us too? It that why she installed the cameras….”

Suddenly the expression on Si Si’s face changed. Why hadn’t she hadn’t thought of this bit earlier? “So, she probably suspects us too….”

Xia Zirou nodded, “Yes, she doesn’t trust us and probably moved out because she’s afraid we’ll steal from her. Please, what does she take us for? We don’t lack money in our homes.”

Si Si got a little upset as well, “Yes, who cares about her stuff! Snort! Also, did she tell us about the installation of the cameras? It didn’t record any private footage of us, right?”

Just the thought of this scared Si Si.

Xia Zirou shook her head, “I don’t think so. We never take off our clothes in the dorm, we only do that in the bathroom… Besides, now that she’s moved out, the surveillance cameras should have been taken down as well.”

“You’re right. If you think about it from another perspective, it’s a good thing that she moved out.” Si Si breathed a sigh of relief.

Gu Qing Yu didn’t know what others were saying about her behind her back, but even if she knew she wouldn’t care.

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