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Chapter 18 Beauty was so important

Thinking of the purpose of her visit, Lin Han Jiao took a deep breath.

“I… I didn’t mean to be you completely.”

At first, she just happened to see a picture of Gu Qing Yu taken secretly by a junior high school classmate. In the picture, Gu Qing Yu, who was in freshman military training at the time was so dazzling among a group of tanned girls that even the classmate she liked took a picture of her secretly with his phone…

She thought, if she could become as beautiful as that girl, would there be a lot of people paying attention to her and liking her?

Lin Han Jiao didn’t go to university, going out to work just after graduating from high school. In the private company, with the type of education and her looks she had, she had never gotten a head start, while a beautiful girl who entered the company with her at the same time was promoted to be a supervisor in less than six months…

Beauty was so important.

Therefore, she took a loan and in addition to the money she had saved over the past six months, went for plastic surgery.

Probably because of the subconscious impression she’d had of Gu Qing Yu in that picture, she subconsciously chose Gu Qing Yu as her template during the surgery.

At first, she had just wanted to make herself a little bit more beautiful, but plastic surgery was addictive. She had beautiful double eyelids done then she began to want a high nose, and then she wanted Gu Qing Yu’s cherry like small mouth and plump breasts that men wouldn’t be able to take their eyes off…

So, she borrowed more and more and successfully attracted the attention of some men, and then, she met Gu Qing Chen.

When Gu Qing Chen saw her for the first time, her expression was a little weird, and she was also a little embarrassed at the time because Gu Qing Chen looked a bit like Gu Qing Yu. She avoided her uneasily, not wanting her to expose the fact that she’d had plastic surgery.

But to her surprise, Gu Qing Chen didn’t expose her but followed her to the bathroom, added her on WeChat and said she wanted to be friends with her and soon, they became good girlfriends.

Of course, it was Lin Han Jiao who thought they were good girlfriends. She’d always thought that Gu Qing Chen really regarded her as a sister because Gu Qing Chen really took her to many events that she couldn’t go to before and she saw a lot of things she couldn’t touch before.

Going from poverty to luxury, she began to envy Gu Qing Chen’s life crazily and taking Gu Qing Chen’s advice, began to make herself more and more like Gu Qing Yu.

Gu Qing Chen tempted her: “Don’t you want to be her? In this way, you can have everything she has easily. There are many rich second generations children who have failed to chase her, I can introduce you to them.”

The rich second generation boys around Gu Qing Chen were all tall and handsome.

Lin Han Jiao’s heart raced, and so her journey began. Even when she discovered afterwards that Gu Qing Chen’s intentions weren’t right, she continued to cooperate with her because she benefited from it.

But now, facing the real Miss Gu who was sitting in front of her, Lin Han Jiao became guilty and uneasy.

She tried to explain, but halfway through, even she herself felt that her explanation was too weak and far-fetched.

Gu Qing Yu chuckled slightly, amused. There were actually people in this world who would destroy everything about themselves, imitate another person or even want to become another person? On their planet, this was absolutely impossible, because what was the point of being alive after losing yourself?

“Don’t be nervous, I’m not here to cause you any problems. You’ve now offended the young master of the Shen family and not only will Gu Qing Chen not help you, she will also push all the blame to you…”

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  1. Thank you for the chapter! I actually started to read the MTL version of this because I was starting to get invested but my brain cant keep up with it. It gave me headaches lol.

  2. Lol wtf is this alien talking about? It literally is imitating Gu Qing Yu at this very moment

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