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Chapter 266 Gu Qing Yu, you’ve agreed yourself, you can’t regret it

“…. Fine fine, I promise….. please, let me sleep….”

Breaking down, Gu Qing Yu shouted, feeling like an agent under torture who, because she didn’t say what the other side wanted to know, was forced straight into staying awake in this cruel way of not letting her sleep, making sure she said whatever it was he wanted her to say.

This type of torture was so devastating that no ordinary person would be able to bear it, and although she wasn’t an ordinary person, she couldn’t bear it either. If she were placed in that situation, she would most likely be the first to raise the white flag and surrender.

Hearing her agree, Mu Xuan Qing’s eyes were full of joy and holding her in his arms, his kisses fell on her face like rain.

“Gu Qing Yu, you’ve agreed, you’ve agreed yourself, you can’t regret it….”

“I won’t…. regret it….”

Gritting her teeth, she pushed his face away, “You…. stay away from me!”

“That won’t do.”

Laughing, he held her tighter but also finally stopped messing with her.

“We’re getting married. From now on, you’ll have to stay with me forever and never leave my sight….”

Gu Qing Yu didn’t hear what he said, because after he stopped messing with her, she just fell into a deep sleep and this time Mu Xuan Qing finally stopped waking her up on purpose and just stared at her, his eyes wide open, as if this was the only way she wouldn’t suddenly disappear….

It was almost dawn, and as if to confirm that she really wouldn’t suddenly disappear, Mu Xuan Qing took his cell phone out and sent Chen Ran a message.

When Chen Ran saw his message, he was a little confused.

“…. Wedding?”

No way, right? Wasn’t Miss Gu already dead? Could it be that Sir was going to….


Wide-eyed, Chen Ran gulped.

However thinking about what Sir had done in the past month, such a crazy thought didn’t seem surprising.

Sighing, he quickly got someone to start preparing for the wedding, then wondered if there was any special procedure he had to follow and who he should get to officiate the wedding….

It was with this in mind that Mu Xuan Qing’s second message arrived, “Stop your imagination and prepare for the wedding as normal.”

Chen Ran breathed a sigh of relief.

En, a normal wedding process was much easier; after all, Sir had already asked him to prepare for it. It had only been left with a few details that had yet to be decided.

Thinking of this, Chen Ran sighed again ……

Miss Gu probably wouldn’t know that Sir had already planned to marry her the day after he finally caught and trapped that ‘man’.

And that he had started planning the wedding right then and there.

It had been Sir’s intention to get married as soon as he and Miss Gu returned from their trip abroad, although Chen Ran had kept on feeling at that time that Sir had omitted a certain part….

But how would they have known that Miss Gu would returned in this state? Having returned, they naturally didn’t go on with the preparations for the wedding.

It didn’t matter now, it was just a matter of re-preparing everything.

Sir didn’t have many relatives, so when the time came, he estimated that they would just invite Sir’s family, but not the mother and daughter who kept on scheming to get Miss Gu in trouble. Miss Gu was already dead, he couldn’t let her still have to see people she hated at her own wedding even after she was gone….

Should Miss Gu’s father be invited? Because no matter what, he was still Miss Gu’s father….

Chen Ran fell deep in thought. It had been over a month, and even though he knew Gu Qing Yu wasn’t an ordinary person, he no longer believed that she would really wake up, so he prepared the wedding on the assumption that Gu Qing Yu was dead.

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