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Chapter 264 Now you even need company in the shower?

“Sir~ after not seeing you for a month, you’ve grown quite a bit. Now you even need company in the shower?”

“You…. haven’t taken a shower in a month either.” He said, “You need to wash as well!”


Gu Qing Yu glared at him. Hmph, this man was too shameless. Did he think she didn’t see it? Although her body had been in the ice coffin, this man had cleaned it and changed her clothes and jewelry from time to time, almost as if he were treating her like a dress-up doll!

Her body was obviously very clean, okay?

But this man who had ulterior motives still took her straight into the bathroom, not seeming to want her to leave his sight for even a single second….

Gu Qing Yu sighed. Actually, it was really her fault….

If she hadn’t been so confident, her energy body wouldn’t have been separated from her body and she wouldn’t have been left ‘dead’ for over a month. If she hadn’t been so tired that she couldn’t control herself after her energy body found that large amount of energy, she wouldn’t have merged herself directly into that large amount of energy and she wouldn’t have ‘slept’ in that energy. Luckily, Mu Xuan Qing didn’t give up, because if he had and thought she was dead, she probably wouldn’t have been able to return to this body and would have had to find a new one….

It wasn’t easy to find a body that fit and to have one whose soul would leave its body voluntarily. Moreover she was already used to Gu Qing Yu’s body, so naturally she didn’t want to use another one.

She had seen how much Mu Xuan Qing had tortured himself in the past few days as she waited for her body to be repaired, and not even mentioning anything else, she knew very well that he had been serious when he said those words last night, and that he had really wanted to give up his life…..

So, she felt guilty.

And that guilt resulted in her heart softening, and that softening resulted in….

She, was literally stunned as he took her into the bathroom and….

Naturally, the rest didn’t need to be said.

The most devastating thing for Gu Qing Yu was that she had thought that her repaired body would definitely become much stronger than before, but she didn’t expect that instead of it only becoming stronger, because she had absorbed a large amount of energy, it had also become much more cleaner and purer, and a large part of it was directly condensed from her energy body. That was to say, her body was now no longer the original Gu Qing Yu’s, but a part of her own energy body as it had been incorporated into this body, hence from now on, she would never be knocked out of this body as easily as she had been a month or so ago….

But that wasn’t the point. The point was….

Her body had become incredibly sensitive!!!

She had already been sensitive enough that even the slightest scratch would hurt and bl*ed, but now her skin had become stronger and much more elastic, so she couldn’t be easily scratched, but, because it was condensed with her energy body, she was more sensitive to external stimuli, therefore….

Mu Xuan Qing’s torment was stored all the more deeply in her bones.

“You should…. now …. believe that I’m real, right?!” Gu Qing Yu felt she had paid a terrible price. If this Mu Xuan Qing still thought she was just an illusion, she would break.

Mu Xuan Qing stared at her, his eyes deep and shining with a light she couldn’t read, then he took her into his arms, holding her so tight that she could barely breathe and more damnably, the next second she felt a pain in her shoulder.

He had actually bitten her, and not lightly. He had bitten her so hard that she felt his teeth pierce her skin. He seemed determined to leave an indelible mark on her body. Gu Qing Yu was so angry that her eyes turned red and, like a pissed off beast, she bit him too!

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