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Chapter 186 Why can’t I be here?

How could Gu Qing Yu, this abandoned woman, be with this perfect man she had her eye on? And, how dare she take his hand!

Duan Yun Yun’s eyes were on the verge of spitting fire as she looked at Gu Qing Yu as if she were looking at her love rival.

Gu Qing Yu was both amused and annoyed at the same time. In the early memories of the original owner, this Duan Yun Yun was a spoiled young lady who always thought that the whole world revolved around her. She wanted her best friend to marry her brother, so she always felt that the original owner was an eyesore and was rude to her in front of Duan Xing Yuan, but at that time Duan Xing Yuan only seemed to have told the original owner to put up with it, a look of helplessness on his face as he told her that this younger sister of his had been spoiled since she was a child and that she should be more tolerant.

More tolerant? They were both the same age, and the original owner had been, at least on the surface raised by the Gu family, so how was she any inferior to Duan Yun Yun?

And Duan Xing Yuan, this fiancée, went so far as to directly ask the original owner to be more magnanimous, and the original owner unexpectedly also agreed thoughtfully.

Thinking of this, Gu Qing Yu only felt that it was irritating and ridiculous. Lifting her eyebrows, she looked at Duan Yun Yun, “Why can’t I be here?”

“You…” Duan …Yun Yun narrowed her eyes, “Do you still have feelings for my brother so want to ruin his wedding… ah… Grandpa, what are you pulling me for… I want to kick this bi*ch out!”

The expression on Elder Duan’s face changed instantly. He hadn’t expected his precious granddaughter to come out of nowhere to speak out against Gu Qing Yu. Allthough he couldn’t figure out what Gu Qing Yu’s relationship with Sir was right now, judging from the way Sir attended the wedding and even allowed a woman to hold his hand for the first time, he could see that Sir definitely valued this woman!

A moment ago he had been very confused, many thoughts flashing through his mind. This woman Gu Qing Yu was really scheming. Seducing Sir, was she trying to use Sir to take revenge on their Duan family? Then what should they do? What should be done to make Sir not believe this woman and side with them?

Or perhaps it hadn’t been easy for this woman to befriend Sir who was more powerful than their Duan family, so she might not want to have anything more to do with the Duan family, and might even hide her relationship with the Duan family even before they could do something? That way, they could pretend that nothing had happened…

While these confusing thoughts run flashed through his mind, Duan Yun Yun unexpectedly came over and actually cursed as she pointed at Gu Qing Yu?!

If Gu Qing Yu had come alone today, Elder Duan might have applauded if Duan Yun Yun had done this, but Gu Qing Yu wasn’t alone now. She was Sir’s female companion and represented him, did Duan Yun Yun want to get their entire Duan family killed?!

He pulled Duan Yun Yun over and then straight away, pressed her head down roughly in apology towards Mu Xuan Qing:

“Sir, I’m really sorry. This granddaughter of mine has some mental problems, that’s why she’s talking nonsense. Because today is her brother’s wedding, we thought to release her so she could join us. Who would have expected that she would go crazy and offend you? I hope you will forgive her and forgive our Duan family for the sake of her abnormal brain… “

The corners of Gu Qing Yu’s mouth couldn’t stop rising, practically on the verge of laughing out loud.

Hadn’t Elder Duan been very arrogant in front of her earlier? Now that he was groveling like this, she could barely recognize him.

Mu Xuan Qing said coldly and indifferently: “Since she has a mental problem, don’t bring her out to disturb everyone’s fun. If you can’t manage your own granddaughter, I have a good mental hospital I can recommend to you.”

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One thought on “Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

  1. Okay, more face-slapping. Considering how powerful our FL and ML are purported to be, it’s not much fun to see them fighting with opponents having the IQ of toddlers. Need some more worthy adversaries for this to be interesting.

    Thank you for the chapter!

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