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Chapter 94 Not exclusive

Chen Gaoyu, as Bai Xiuqi’s second disciple was surprised to find that he had a junior sister after his master had been a judge in a painting competition.

His master’s vision was too high. Even he was accepted by Master Bai because of his father’s kindness to him. He had no talent, but he was able to make up for his shortcomings through hard work, and under his master’s guidance, his paintings became his own style.

But Chen Gaoyu always knew that no matter how many more years he painted, he would never be as good as master’s first disciple, his elder brother Xuan Qing.

That’s right, even Chen Gaoyu had no idea that Mu Xuan Qing’s surname was Mu, nor did he know that he was the legendary ‘Sir’. He only knew that his master had always called him ‘Xuan Qing’ and that he had only met his elder brother a few times. As his master said, his elder brother had undergone drastic changes in his early years and was very cold in nature. Although he treated him as a brother and had even once solved a problem that his family couldn’t solve directly once he learned of his problems….

His relationship with his elder brother was never close. After all, he didn’t have many opportunities to meet him.

Chen Gaoyu wasn’t envious of his elder brother, after all, he was well aware of how different he was from him.

Knowing that he wouldn’t have a good career as a painter, he went in a different direction. He set up the China Art Association, organised various painting competitions, explored talent, contacted people in the industry, searched for good paintings for museums and art galleries around the world, made teaching more systematic in more art schools, and provided various facilities for people in the art world….

Over the years, he had achieved a lot, and his master was very happy with him, as he had not become a famous painter, but a leader in the development of the industry.

Chen Gao Yu knew that his master had always felt regret. His elder brother had stopped painting and because he lacked talent, he’d had to settle for second best, and that there was no one to carry on his master’s legacy.

Over the years, his master had tried to accept another disciple, but he hadn’t been able to find a suitable one. There were many people who learned to paint, but not many who had the talent. Most of them were like him; they had progressed through hard work.

His master’s wife liked Mu Ai very much. After all, she had always wanted a daughter or granddaughter to talk to her, but she only had a son and a grandson.

Mu Ai worked hard enough and was a good painter, but Chen Gaoyu could tell that she was like him back then. Hard-working but with little talent, so his master wouldn’t have accepted her.

But after more than ten years of searching, his master couldn’t find anyone more suitable, and the Mu family kept asking people to act as lobbyists, so over time, his master had began to consider compromising.

Although Chen Gaoyu was surprised and felt sorry for Mu Ai, he was delighted that his master had finally found a student who really satisfied him.

“Junior sister, this is a small gift, I hope you like it.”

He had already known that Bai Xiuqi was going to accept a disciple, so he had prepared a gift for the meeting–

A very good set of Chinese painting tools.

Gu Qing Yu smiled sweetly, “Thank you, Second Senior Brother!”

Second Senior Brother….

Chen Gaoyu rubbed his nose, coughing lightly, “That….. second senior brother sounds a bit….. Well, junior sister call me senior brother or senior brother Chen.”

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