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Chapter 148 Gu Qing Yu is very pitiful

Gu Qing Yu hugged Mu Xuan Qing, in a very good mood as she asked, ” Sir, can I sleep at your place tonight?”


Mu Xuan Qing stared at her and looking at her innocent, clean black eyes that showed that she didn’t think she had said anything amazing sighed, rubbed her hair, and leaning down, his lips fell on the corners of her slightly damp eyes gently:

“… Okay.”

Gu Qing Yu followed Mu Xuan Qing happily. Chen Ran signaled, and Mu Yi and Mu Er looked coldly at the man who had been struck flying by Gu Qing Yu but was somewhat furiously chasing after her and met him….

Gu Qing Yu didn’t know that Mu Xuan Qing had taken care of that pestering idiot for her, nor did she know that she had received a lot of attention at tonight’s reception because she had attended a party on the same day as Duan Xing Yuan’s engagement. There were pictures on Weibo of her being led by Gu Wen Qiang to various men and in a corner, the son of the Gu Group’s major shareholder grabbing her hand and refusing to let go, causing her eyes to turn red.

The netizens were in an uproar.

“I can’t believe I guessed it right. That Gu Wen Qiang is really looking for a new man for Gu Qing Yu!”

“Isn’t Gu Wen Qiang in too much of a hurry? Duan Xing Yuan just got engaged today, tsk tsk.”

“Maybe it’s because Duan Xing Yuan got engaged today that he’s in such a hurry, right? Because he doesn’t want to lose?”

“Even if he doesn’t want to lose, it doesn’t mean he should sell his daughter like that. I feel so sorry for Gu Qing Yu…”

“Yeah, she obviously doesn’t like this kind of occasion and why is that creepy-looking guy still holding her hand? I’m sure Gu Qing Yu isn’t willing. Look, she’s even crying!”

“I feel that Gu Qing Yu must not have forgotten Duan Xing Yuan, especially with the contrast between these men and Duan Xing Yuan…. Duan Xing Yuan is like a prince on a white horse, these are just a bunch of lewd perverts!”


Mu Ai looked at Duan Xing Yuan who was standing nearby. Tonight was their engagement party and the two of them, especially him, looked more like they were completing a task instead of being happy.

But now that they were engaged, they could finally stop and rest for a while, because both elders on each side would be more than willing to allow them go out on a date. It was even fine if they didn’t return.

Because, with the Mu and Duan families’ status, there was no way there could be any more problems once their marriage was finalized.

So even if they spent the night together now, no one would object and the elders might even be pleased, hoping that they would get along better and ideally have a child sooner rather than later to strengthen the marriage and the relationship ties between the two families.

But the man she was supposed to be with, the man who was supposed to be so sweet and romantic with her, the man who was supposed to have arranged everything from candlelit dinners to starry nights in an open-air villa and who had already agreed that something was to happen between them..

Was on his phone when she went to take a shower….

And looking at the latest pictures of Gu Qing Yu?

Don’t ask her how she knew, because just now, when she had proudly changed into her sexy lingerie and unlocked her phone to take a picture, intending to send it to Gu Qing Yu to show off….

She saw the Weibo hot search….

She and Duan Xing Yuan’s engagement was on the hot search and so was Gu Qing Yu. Moreover, she was very happy as
the two big families were united, while on Gu Qing Yu’s side….

She had been dragged miserably by her father to a cocktail party and was being judged by men like a commodity and was even grabbed by a man she normally wouldn’t even look at, looking as if she was about to cry.

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