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Chapter 150 Sir…

Gu Qing Chen sneered then sent out an email, and the hot search on Gu Qing Yu on Weibo began to change rapidly.

But at this moment, Gu Qing Yu had arrived at Mu Xuan Qing’s house. Mu Xuan Qing didn’t know what had happened to her at the cocktail party until she entered the bathroom and he saw the picture of the Chen family’s young master grab her hand on the screen of the cell phone Chen Ran handed to him….

His eyes narrowed.

Just then, Gu Qing Yu came out of the bathroom and saw Mu Xuan Qing staring at her face. No, to be precise, her wasn’t staring at her face, but at….

Her… hand?

Just as she was feeling a bit confused, she saw Mu Xuan Qing walk up to her, take her hand and looking at her wrist that still had red handprints on it, narrowed his eyes….

“Was it that guy named Chen Hao Yu who did this?”

His voice was emotionless, as if he was incredibly calm, but Gu Qing Yu could feel his anger at the moment.

She didn’t even know if that guy’s name was Chen Hao Yu; but what she knew, was that…

“Sir, you’re so cute!”

She laughed softly as she stared at the man in front of her, but then she saw him take out an alcohol disinfectant that he had prepared at some point and holding her hand in his, wipe the spot for her bit by bit, as if he wanted to wipe away all the traces of the man named Chen Hao Yu.

It didn’t hurt, but her wrist quickly turned red as the area of red expanded.

The corners of her mouth lifting, she leaned down close to his ear. Her faint fragrance made Mu Xuan Qing’s eyes flicker, and then he heard her husky voice say with a smile in it:

“Sir…. I’ve heard, that the best way to make a trace disappear, is…. to overwrite it with a new one.”


These seductive words made Mu Xuan Qing’s hand stiffen and then he heard her mischievous laughter in his ears, as if her prank had succeeded.

His eyes narrowing, he grabbed her hand, leaned down and took a bite off her already clean wrist without hesitation!

Gu Qing Yu’s body shook visibly, then her voice suddenly became a little aggrieved: “Sir…..”

A moment later,

He let go of her hand.



Chen Ran’s voice suddenly sounded and Mu Xuan Qing remained silent for a few seconds before raising his eyes to look at Chen Ran with a cold gaze, almost gritting his teeth as he said: “You better have a good reason!”

Chen Ran looked at the scene in front of him and swallowed hard….

“That, Sir, I don’t want to disturb you….. but Miss Gu just went up on the hot search and it’s obvious that it’s premeditated and organized slander.”

Gu Qing Yu raised an eyebrow, took out her phone, opened Weibo and saw a very unsightly hot search titles:

‘Gu Qing Yu stepping on N number of boats’, ‘Gu Qing Yu’s fish pond’, ‘Gu QingYu scum’….

When she clicked on one of them, she saw a bunch of pictures. There were pictures of her being led by Gu Wen Qiang to meet various men at the reception tonight, pictures of Chen Haoyu holding her hand and refusing to let go, pictures of she and Shao Zihan walking back to the dormitory together and Shao Zihan assisting her with her deliveries, there were even pictures of she and Zhuang Zi Yi looking at their cell phones and chatting together on the balcony at the [Little Green Dragon] celebration party that day, and even images of her teacher Stallone coming close to her painting to guide her. All of which looked a little ambiguous…

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  1. See i was right about all of that being used its they just added tonight’s episode into the mix. Well time for her to make a move

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