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Chapter 103 It was as if she was a completely different person!

So that Duan Xing Yuan could have a justifiable reason to hate her and be content to be engaged to another woman, right?

“If it makes you happy, you can believe it.”

Not bothering to talk to him anymore, she hung up without hesitation.

On the other end, Duan Xing Yuan didn’t expect Gu Qing Yu to hung up on him. He was so angry that his eyes turned bloodshot, then taking in a deep breath he called Gu Qing Yu again, only to find that he had been blacklisted.

With a ‘boom’ Duan Xing Yuan dropped the phone ruthlessly, causing it to hit the ground, the screen shattering as cobwebs formed over the surface.

Gu Qing Yu…. had changed.

She wasn’t like this before. She was obviously very simple, sweet and understanding before. There had been many times when his decisions weren’t pleasant but she would try to understand him even if she wasn’t happy, but now it was as if she was a completely different person!

If she was still the same Gu Qing Yu, even if he didn’t marry her she wouldn’t blame him because she would know he was under a lot of pressure. She wouldn’t give up on him so easily, she would even wait for him….

But now she was actually involved with another man!

That day, he saw her get into the car with Sir and Chen Ran, he was a little confused as to whether she was having an affair with Chen Ran or with Sir…

The way Mu Xuan Qing had looked at him at that time was too horrible and the arm that he had held that day, after he went home was bruised and one of the bones was almost broken. It took most of the month for it to get back to normal…..

Probably scared by Sir’s actions, at that time he thought that Gu Qing Yu might have something with Sir…..

How dare he steal Sir’s woman?! He didn’t even dare to show him any disrespect…

So, he told his grandfather directly that night, and he thought the same as he did, that no matter what Gu Qing Yu had going on with Sir or Chen Ran, his actions today had already angered Sir and if he didn’t do anything, Sir might take back the ring he had given him, or there might be more serious consequences….

Thus, they who had preferred Sun Caiyu, chose Mu Ai in the end.

It can be said that the scene where Gu Qing Yu was together with Mu Xuan Qing and Chen Ran was what prompted Duan Xing Yuan and Mu Ai to get together.

If he had already offended Sir, then he would marry Sir’s niece so that he wouldn’t do anything to him or the Duan family in light of him having a marriage connection with the Mu family.

This was the conclusion of Duan Xing Yuan and Elder Duan’s analysis and they acted very quickly, though Duan Xing Yuan knew very well that choosing Mu Ai meant that it was impossible for him to have anything more with Gu Qing Yu after the marriage…

However, if Gu Qing Yu was really with Sir or Chen Ran, he wouldn’t be able to have any contact with her, nor would he dare to have any contact with her.

Duan Xing Yuan had already thought it over, but in the past two days when he accompanied Mu Ai to S City to participate in the international painting competition, in the city where there were many good memories of he and Gu Qing yu, he was still inevitably a bit lost and depressed.

The girl who had occupied all his youth, the only girl he had ever liked and imagined spending his life with…..

They were now in the same city, but things had changed.

He was drunk at the end of a day of socializing in a booth at a restaurant he and Gu Qing Yu used to frequent, and only when he was drunk did he find the courage to call her.

He wanted her to explain clearly. As long as she had nothing to do with Sir or Chen Ran, and as long as she said she didn’t want him to marry another woman, he wouldn’t get married…..

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