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Chapter 16 Do you think I’m a fool?!

Gu Qing Chen did gain a lot of benefits during this process. After the relationship between Shen Cheng and ‘Gu Qing Yu’ was confirmed, she gave her a limited edition designer bag and Lin Han Jiao who benefited from Shen Cheng didn’t forget to give her something in ‘return’.

Shen Cheng thought he was in a relationship with ‘Gu Qing Yu’, so he secretly recorded the video. In order to show off that he had put a green hat on President Duan’s head, he secretly sent the video to several of his brothers, but as he enjoyed their envy, one of them unexpectedly uploaded the video online…

He didn’t take it seriously and was even a little excited. The only thing he worried about was whether ‘Gu Qing Yu’ would be angry because of this and ignore him.

Lin Han Jiao was indeed very angry and upset, especially after seeing more and more people online starting to pay attention to the video…

But the good thing was that she had become Gu Qing Yu and everyone assumed that the person in the video was her, so she relaxed and only took the opportunity to have a little temper tantrum, making him take her to the mall to shop crazily as compensation before she was satisfied.

At that time Shen Cheng only thought that this Miss Gu was really easy to handle and didn’t think much about it. It was only now that he realized that the person he had been with from the beginning to the end wasn’t the real Gu Qing Yu, but an ugly plastic surgery monster!

After reading the screenshots, he almost exploded.

“You bought the hot search, right? Gu Qing Chen, you’re so good, using me as a tool!”

He wasn’t a fool. At that time, the video only circulated on certain secret forums. Even if someone recognized Gu Qing Yu, it wouldn’t be so much so that it would be on Weibo’s hot search. In all likelihood, it showed that someone was working behind the scenes.

At the time, he’d only felt that it was Duan Xingyuan’s rival company. After all, President Duan had been cheated on, so it was inevitable that he would be ridiculed and his career affected.

Gu Qing Yu was polite and gentle and hardly had any enemies. It couldn’t be from her side.

Now that he had seen this evidence, what else wasn’t clear to him?

The hot search must have definitely been bought by Gu Qing Chen who was disgusted with her sister! Afraid she had been planning this for a long time, otherwise who would know someone who looked exactly like her sister and have such a good relationship with her, without even mentioning her existence to anyone? Perhaps Lin Han Jiao was the tool she had created to deal with Gu Qing Yu!

However it didn’t matter whether it was her or not, what made Shen Cheng angry was that Gu Qing Chen dared to treat him as a fool too!

Facing Shen Cheng’s questioning, Gu Qing Chen tried her best to stay calm:

“Brother Cheng, you’ve misunderstood, I really didn’t mean that… I really didn’t know that Lin Han Jiao was impersonating my sister. I just thought you liked the kind that looked like my sister and Lin Han Jiao looks just like her, so I introduced her to you…”

Shen Cheng gritted his teeth, “Gu Qing Chen, do you think I’m a fool?!”

“Brother Cheng, I really didn’t…”

Gu Qing Chen’s voice became a little aggrieved, “Think about it carefully, I only gave you her business card at that time, I didn’t say she was my sister…”


Shen Cheng was silent for two seconds, then reopened their chat record that had broken out on Weibo, only to find that it was exactly as Gu Qing Chen said, she didn’t say that it was her sister!

However, he had said that he had a crush on her sister and she gave him a business card, and the avatar on WeChat looked just like Gu Qing Yu. Any normal person would think it was Gu Qing Yu, right?

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3 thoughts on “Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

  1. If he buys this and forgives her, he needs to go to a mental health clinic.
    That aside, I wonder what Duan Xingyuan’s reaction to this new revelation would be…

  2. Why does he think Gu Qing Chen bought the hot search? Unless he is referring to previous matter which made the original Gu Qing Yu suicide.

    If he thinks she bought this hot search then I would wonder why. Maybe because of the proofs.
    But, it’s like, why would Gu Qing Chen hurt herself just to publicize his foolishness?

    He probably didn’t think too deeply into it, was too emotional to analyze or I just don’t understand how his thinking works.

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