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Chapter 118 Sir… I’m more generous than you are

That was the way it was in this world. The rich were less misunderstood, whereas ordinary people like him and the poor, would get pointed at and maligned if they did the slightest thing that didn’t fit their status.

Shao Zihan posted the picture angrily to the school forum anonymously. Gu Qing Yu was a popular personality in S University and had been the school beauty since she enrolled in freshman year, so the attention people paid to her was extremely high. It was just yesterday that they had been discussing that Gu Qing Yu and Shao Zihan were in a relationship yet today Gu Qing Yu was suspected to have gotten into another man’s car, very interesting.

The gossip-loving students of S University turned this post into a hot issue in less than an hour and everyone felt sympathy for Shao Zihan, thinking that he had just been a backup plan for Gu Qing Yu to do various things for her, but as soon as she turned around, she was with a rich man.

Although some argued that Gu Qing Yu and Shao Zihan weren’t in a relationship and were just like the other girls and boys in the class, probably because since ancient times people who gossiped like to speculate on others with utmost malice, most of the students felt that Gu Qing Yu had just been using Shao Zihan as a spare tire, causing them to pity him immensely.

And with these arguments going on, Shao Zihan’s purpose had been achieved.

Gu Qing Yu didn’t know that just getting into Mu Xuan Qing’s car would cause a buzz. She just followed him back to his house happily and carefully memorized the path. Then she realized…

She didn’t seem to need to do that as the home Mu Xuan Qing was talking about was in the same neighborhood as the house she had recently rented.

The only difference was that hers was just an ordinary two-room apartment, while his was a villa on the other side.

”Come in.”

Mu Xuan Qing took her in and Chen Ran obediently asked someone to prepare drinks in advance then directly asked the servants to leave as he himself moved to leave now that Mu Xuan Qing and Gu Qing Yu had entered.

This was first time Sir had invited a girl home, of course he couldn’t let someone act as a light bulb!

He was such a considerate assistant, Chen Ran thought in his heart, pleased with himself.

Upstairs, Gu Qing Yu stared at the famous painting in front of her, ”Is this what you’re going to give me?”

She pouted, “It’s not in the least bit as good as your portrait!”

At least, he matched her aesthetics.


How could she… always say such… things that made his heart race so easily and casually?

Without the expression on his face changing, he asked, “Didn’t you not like my portrait…?”

”I liked it.”

She smiled gently, ”Sir’s portrait was painted by Sir himself, how could I not like it? I just think… you’re so stingy…”

As she took a step forward Mu Xuan Qing’s body tensed up slightly, a flash passing through his eyes.

What did she want to do?

Given her boldness, he wouldn’t be surprised by whatever she did next.

Not to mention surprised, he was even…

Looking forward to it a little…

But alas, Gu Qing Yu didn’t do anything to him this time, she just stared into his eyes then laughed softly, ”Sir… I’m more generous than you are. You only gave me your portrait but I gave you my whole self!”

Mu Xuan Qing blinked.

He was a little unable to grasp the meaning of her words. What did she mean by she gave her whole self to him? What did that mean? Gave her whole self to him? Could it be…

He felt like his head was being shaken up violently at the moment, like a calm sea where she had dropped a bomb into…

“So, since I’m yours, you’re responsible for feeding me!”

Gu Qing Yu said with a sense of righteousness as she looked at him.

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