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Chapter 195 Madam Bai

The heroine of the wedding should have been Mu Ai, but her stage was completely stolen by Gu Qing Yu!

Madam Bai was instantly a bit righteously indignant and had no more good feelings towards Gu Qing Yu.

And from listening to Mu Ai complain tearfully, Madam Bai was even more shocked. From Mu Ai’s words, Gu Qing Yu was the one who had abandoned Duan Xing Yuan to climb up to her powerful little uncle and then acted coquettishly to her little uncle that she wanted to learn painting under Bai Xiuqi. Mu Xuan Qing had both power and influence, and had a teacher-student relationship with Bai Xiuqi. What’s more she was clear how much Bai Xiuqi liked and missed his first disciple, so with one word from Mu Xuan Qing, perhaps Bai Xiuqi would accept Gu Qing Yu as his closed disciple now ……

And then, Mu Ai had also hinted that the reason why she couldn’t draw now, was all because of Gu Qing Yu!

Madam Bai was appalled. She never expected in a million years that in this day and age, such a thing would still exist!

Moreover, Mu Ai, whom she had taken as her goddaughter wasn’t from a bad background, but actually had her tendons cut off in a place like a hotel, and no one actually found out about it afterwards and no one called the police. On top of that someone had destroyed all the evidence!

Madam Bai instantly felt that Gu Qing Yu was a woman with a sinister heart. In order to steal Mu Ai’s status as the closed disciple of Bai Xiuqi which was almost set in stone, she went as far as to make Mu Ai almost disabled, but because of Mu Ai’s connection to Mu Xuan Qing, she could only swallow her anger. No wonder Mu Ai’s expression had been so strange when she saw Mu Xuan Qing and Gu Qing Yu just before the wedding!

Now it seems that one was a bastard who gave up painting when he became powerful and disregarded his family for women, and the other was a woman with a vicious heart who bullied people because she had the backing of a powerful person!

Madam Bai’s impression of Mu Xuan Qing and Gu Qing Yu was suddenly so bad that her face was black when she saw Bai Xiuqi leading Gu Qing Yu towards the house cheerfully and earnestly teaching her to paint. When Gu Qing Yu greeted her, she pretended as if she hadn’t heard her.

Bai Xiuqi frowned as he watched Madam Bai leave with a displeased expression on her face ……

What was wrong with her? Was it just because he didn’t accept Mu Ai as his disciple that was why she was angry?

She was seriously something else. Even if she really liked Mu Ai, he was accepting disciples not by connections, but by ability!

If Mu Ai really had the ability that could make her his disciple, he would have accepted her a long time ago, why would he need to wait for so long?

“Your Master’s wife…. is old and a little deaf, please don’t be offended.”

“Of course I won’t be offended.”

Gu Qing Yu smiled a little then followed Bai Xiuqi into the painting studio.

Gu Qing Yu was indeed very talented. Of that, Bai Xiuqi understood a little. What’s more the paintings she drew made Bai Xiuqi very excited; he had finally found the feeling he had when he had taught Mu Xuan Qing how to paint!

It was this feeling of enthusiasm that he would be able to pass on his talent, and the excitement of unearthing a painter with strength and talent.

In a moment of excitement, Bai Xiuqi completely forgot to eat, staying in the studio almost the whole day.

He drew his painting, and Gu Qing Yu drew hers, both of them enjoying themselves.

When Madam Bai returned and saw this scene, her face grew even more ugly.

Snorting coldly, she went downstairs to cook, however when Bai Xiuqi finally noticed that it was late and invited Gu Qing Yu to come downstairs for dinner with him, he found that Madam Bai hadn’t cooked anything for Gu Qing Yu at all.

“What’s going on?” Bai Xiuqi’s mood, which had been pleasant all day, suddenly sank.

Madam Bai smiled, “Ah, I’m sorry. It’s so late, I thought she would have been gone by now… “

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  1. Madan Bai, this is a case of throwing out the baby with the bathwater. No sense damage your marital relationship over an enemy.

    Thank you for the chapter!

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