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Chapter 235 Her love rival turned into her sister?

She didn’t know if Sun Mingyuan had known about Gu Qing Yu’s existence for a long time and even less so…

Whose daughter Gu Qing Yu was!

After all, Sun Mingyuan had fled to S City to find that woman before she had gotten married, so it wouldn’t be surprising if something had happened between them during that time, because they were a pair of bitter lovers who couldn’t be together because of their family’s obstruction.

“Sun Mingyuan’s… wife?”

Gu Qing Yu was pensive.

Her earlier feeling hadn’t been wrong. She had been able to sense that those two people weren’t the only ones following her, and if it had been anyone else, it would have been very difficult to find who else was there, however it was very easy for her. As long as they all carried communication devices that could be networked, she would be able to find them the first time.

While Mu Yi and Mu Er went off to deal with the paparazzi and the scouting agency employee, Gu Qing Yu quickly intercepted the messages sent and received by the other two groups of people following her through Fei Fei.

That’s right, two groups of people.

One was from Sun Mingyuan’s wife’s side and from those messages she found out that this Sun Mingyuan seemed to know the original owner’s mother.

The other group….

Were more mysterious. The messages they sent and received were automatically destroyed three seconds after they were opened, so she could intercept only a limited number of messages, however she could sense that this technology was similar to that of the one on their planet, she could feel it.

Gu Qing Yu didn’t take it seriously, but she didn’t expect to run into Sun Caiyu, whom she had only met once before when she went to the ‘The Summit’s’ celebration party a few days later. If she remembered correctly, this Sun Caiyu seemed to be very fond of Duan Xingyuan, but hadn’t Duan Xingyuan broken off his engagement to her and was now married to Mu Ai?

Why had she come to her? Moreover, what was with that look of anger in her eyes?

“Gu Qing Yu, let’s talk.” Sun Caiyu bit her lower lip, staring at Gu Qing Yu’s face without taking her eyes off.

She had always been jealous of Gu Qing Yu. From the moment she knew that Duan Xingyuan liked Gu Qing Yu, even if it was Mu Ai who eventually got Duan Xingyuan, the one she was even more jealous of was still Gu Qing Yu, because she knew very well that Duan Xingyuan only liked Gu Qing Yu. Mu Ai was just his arranged marriage partner.

But Duan Xingyuan was already married and Gu Qing Yu had a new boyfriend so they should have been out of touch. What’s more she had wanted to slowly remove this thorn that was Gu Qing Yu from her side because her father was arranging a marriage for her and Duan Xingyuan was only a dream in her heart after all.

However she didn’t expect this to happen!

She found out by chance that her mother was still investigating Gu Qing Yu, and to keep her father from finding out, her mother had gone to a scouting agency owned by one of her suitors. Her friend had told her secretly that her mother had only been very concerned about Gu Qing Yu in the past, and after finding out that Gu Qing Yu’s mother had died, had stopped looking into her.

However recently her mother had received some kind of information and this time had been able to get Gu Qing Yu’s DNA!!

What this meant, one could only imagine.

Her friend had also told her about Shen Qingyan and her father having had a heady relationship that her mother had discovered earlier, so that she could prepare for it as soon as possible. Certain things hadn’t been confirmed yet, but she could hear and understand that her friend probably thought that Gu Qing Yu was her father’s illegitimate daughter!

Her love rival turned into her sister?

This was simply a joke!

Sun Caiyu really didn’t want to accept it.

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2 thoughts on “Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

  1. This is starting to feel like a reality TV show. “On today’s show, the contestants will battle it out to see which one is Gu Qing Yu’s father! The winner will get to act out a scene of tearful reunion with the beautiful Gu Qing Yu!”

    Thank you for the chapter!

  2. I’m more interested in the mysterious party. Though I do feel like she’s too weak and its bugging me

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