Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

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Chapter 27 Master, why did you imitate that noisy earth woman?

He picked a vegetable for her with his chopsticks gently: “Qing Yu, you can stay at home and relax for a few days. Dad promises that absolutely no one will disturb you… As for Xing Yuan, look at his sincerity, if you’re satisfied, then let him come visit you at home!”

He looked like a loving father, but Gu Qing Yu was so disgusted that she almost vomited.

Gu Wen Qiang was just teaching her how to capture a man so that she could keep Duan Xing Yuan in the palm of her hand firmly.

She lowered her head and smiled, “I understand, thank you Dad.”

After eating, when Gu Wen Qiang gave full play to his image as a ‘loving father’ he sent her upstairs personally. However, there was an elevator in the Gu family’s mansion, so he only pushed her into the elevator and then pushed her to her room. It didn’t take much effort at all.

The delicate and obedient appearance she put on deceived Gu Wen Qiang, who thought everything was under his control successfully as he left in a good mood.

“Master, why did you imitate that noisy earth woman?” Fei Fei came out, a hint of doubt in its voice.

His master didn’t have that kind of personality. His master was obviously the invincible goddess of war on the battlefield, so it was really a bit uncomfortable to watch.

Gu Qing Yu played with the daisy from earth in front of her, smiled and tore the petals of the daisy that was trembling in the wind. Smelling the faint fragrance of the flower, she said in a happy mood:

“Don’t you think using the enemy’s best talent to defeat him would make him more angry?”

Gu Qing Chen and Mrs. Gu always looked like white lotus flowers, successfully using their delicateness as a weapon to make Gu Wen Qiang follow their wishes. Oh, they didn’t just use it on Gu Wen Qiang alone, but on Cheng and others…

They were all successfully deceived by the gentle and weak appearances of Gu Qing Chen and Mrs. Gu, always doing what they wanted them to do without knowing it. Some of them were taken advantage of without even realizing it, some were even complacent and some knew they were being used, but the sense of accomplishment and the pride they felt from being held up high made them willing to be used.

Gu Qing Chen and Mrs. Gu had always been proud of their methods and thought that she, who didn’t know how to act spoiled or show any weakness was very easy to manipulate.

Gu Qing Yu chuckled softly, “I think, if they know that I used the same method to retaliate against them and was successful, it will definitely be more painful than death. And Duan Xing Yuan and Gu Wen Qiang, don’t you think, that when they are full of confidence that they have won and that everything is under control… when they suddenly find out that they have been deceived badly, would they feel that their pride has been humiliated and hurt?”

Just thinking about it was very interesting.

“Master, your analysis is correct!”

As an AI with no emotions, even after it had slowly developed an ego in the long years that it had drifted in the universe, Fei Fei was still obedient to its master and knowing how brilliant she was, had always had a sense of blind admiration for Gu Qing Yu.

Therefore, it didn’t think that this kind of tooth-for-tooth method was cold-blooded and ruthless, but that its master was really too smart!

Gu Qing Yu smiled, looked at the bare daisy she had plucked off in front of her and said, “Besides, imitating human behavior is quite interesting.”

However, acting as a white lotus was a bit boring, so she’d change the personality settings next time.

“Master, according to the system’s analysis, your current psychology is very suitable for a certain profession.”

“What profession?” Gu Qing Yu was quite interested in hearing the answer.

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    1. Its a machine there is no reason why it can’t function as a spaceship and develop an ego at the same time. It had a lot of free time in space as well for learning

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