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Chapter 274 This time, she was the one who had no interest in him

Sun Caiyu had loved Duan Xing Yuan for years, and after she and Duan Xing Yuan got together, Duan Xing Yuan got his long lost pride from being with her and got back his pride which had been crushed to pieces.

In less than six months, Duan Xing Yuan divorced Mu Ai. The Duan family was worried about offending the Mu family, but Duan Xing Yuan was adamant that Sir didn’t care about Mu Ai in the least. What’s more, he now seriously suspected that the ring Sir had given him back then was purely to make the Duan family pay more attention to him, and for Elder Duan to interfere with his marriage to Gu Qing Yu.

Sir…… had probably had his eye on Gu Qing Yu for a long time, that was why he had given him the ring. It was so that he could get Gu Qing Yu.

Duan Xing Yuan was really very angry. The ring cost him the woman he loved most in his life.

However he didn’t throw the ring away either, because it helped him a lot afterwards.

As he expected, the Mu family didn’t bother him about him divorcing Mu Ai, because Mu Xuan Lin seemed to know what his niece had done; he had only had some unwarranted feelings for Sun Caiyu, but Mu Ai had cheated on him several times during their marriage, and so feeling guilty, even gave him a lot of compensation for it, which made the people who were worried that Duan Xing Yuan might have offended Sir and so not dare to work with him because of the divorce, relax.

Duan Xing Yuan married Sun Caiyu soon after. After Sun Caiyu got the man she had dreamed of for years, she obeyed him unconditionally, and although she knew that Gu Qing Yu would always exist deep in his heart, she also knew that it was impossible for Duan Xing Yuan to have anything more to do with Gu Qing Yu, otherwise the first person who wouldn’t let him go would be Mu Xuan Qing….

So she simply pretended that there was no such thing.

The two of them were quite happy with each other and so had a good married life.

Madam Mu did want to do something to Gu Qing Yu, however ever since Gu Qing Yu married Mu Xuan Qing, she found that she couldn’t even see her anymore. Furthermore, whenever she and Mu Ai attempted to do something to Gu Qing Yu, Sir’s people would warn them, and then the very next day, they would find that Mu Xuan Lin would put them under even tighter control and even freeze their cards.

Without money, there was nothing that ladies like Mu Ai and Madam Mu could do, so they could only beg pitifully in order to be able to spend as much as they used to. After all these, they didn’t dare to think of anything else, but of course, if they did, they would only die a worse death.

Lin Han Jiao underwent another plastic surgery, but this time she looked more like her original self. Only, her features were much more refined than her original self, and she gradually transitioned from an online celebrity to an inspirational role model in the eyes of many unattractive looking girls. She also reduced the number of live broadcasts she did and slowly became a manager behind the scenes, helping the company grow. In her case, the first thing she looked at when selecting a online star wasn’t the face, but courage and talent. She promoted a lot of online stars who didn’t rely on their faces and had become the dream of many people.

Shen Cheng later ran into her at a business party; the confident and elegant Lin Han Jiao had become completely unrecognizable to him by that point, and he couldn’t take his gaze away from her. After the party, Shen Cheng tried to recapture Lin Han Jiao, who was now so beautiful that he didn’t even mind that she had lied to him and had done plastic surgery.

But this time, it was Lin Han Jiao who had no interest in him.

She already had a suitor of her own, someone she knew because of Gu Qing Yu– Li Qingquan.

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