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Chapter 166 This is what Sir asked me to bring you

Although Wei Ling Ling had only met Gu Qing Yu for less than half a day, in such a short time, she could sense that although Gu Qing Yu had a smile on her face all the time, she was very distant towards people, and of all the people present, she seemed to be a little more cordial to her boyfriend.

That was why she had been more suspicious…

But now, looking across at Gu Qing Yu’s moist eyes, with her whole face softened, Wei Ling Ling suddenly realized that her so-called special…. treatment of her boyfriend earlier was simply her over-thinking.

Gu Qing Yu probably just saw her boyfriend as a mature person, or rather, a partner? That was why she was cordial.

Look at the way she was treating her boyfriend now….

Hmm, there was a difference.

And, she wondered who the person on the other end of the phone was that could make Gu Qing Yu show such a coquettish womanly demeanor. It had to be known, that although Gu Qing Yu was born delicate, looked soft and fragile on the outside and had a sweet voice, she really didn’t give off the impression that she was that easy to get close to…..

As Wei Lingling thought this, her hostility towards Gu Qing Yu was instantly reduced by a few points, and the remaining one or two points of wariness disappeared instantly when she saw the expression on her boyfriend’s face.

Because, the expression on Zhuang Zi Yi’s face was actually also curiosity, simply the same as hers…. and more gossipy.

But, there was no taste it at all. It even had a kind of general feeling of someone eating melon.


Wei Ling Ling suddenly felt like a balloon. She had previously been puffed full of air, but was now deflated. She couldn’t breathe well and even felt a little powerless as well as inexplicably envious.

First Gu Qing Yu got engaged to a brilliant man like Duan Xing Yuan, who she could only look up to, and after the engagement was broken off she found a boyfriend who didn’t seem to be inferior to Duan Xing Yuan….

As to why she said her new boyfriend wasn’t inferior to Duan Xing Yuan, it was because this matter had been rumored in their circle in small ways…..

It was said that Duan Xing Yuan was actually unwilling to give Gu Qing Yu up and that the reason why he dared not do anything and even got engaged to that Miss Mu in advance was because he didn’t want to offend Gu Qing Yu’s current boyfriend….

And, as Zhuang Jing had also mentioned to her, the day Gu Qing Yu’s scandal hit the hot search, after Gu Qing Yu posted a picture with her boyfriend to clarify the situation, she had tried to find another excuse to slander Gu Qing Yu, and there was more than one person who had had the same idea, but strangely enough, those water armies and marketing accounts were all scared the moment they heard that the job was about slandering Gu Qing Yu and refused even though they offered to pay a lot more money.

It was clear from this that they knew what had happened to the people who had slandered Gu Qing Yu earlier and had been warned…

And the person who could make so many marketing accounts and water army companies shut up en masse, with even weibo refused to take money to create ‘black’ hot searches about Gu Qing Yu…

Was definitely not an ordinary person…

And this extraordinary boyfriend actually spoiled Gu Qing Yu so much that even when Gu Qing Yu mentioned casually that wearing high heels was too tiring, there was a sudden knock at the door of their compartment, and then, a man dressed in black came in respectfully….

“Miss Gu, this is what Sir asked me to bring you.”

Mu Yi handed the box to Gu Qing Yu and then retreated. When Gu Qing Yu opened it and saw that it was a pair of flat shoes that looked particularly comfortable, she couldn’t help but smile.

‘Sir’…. was probably Gu Qing Yu’s boyfriend. And he actually left a bodyguard by Gu Qing Yu’s side, and made the bodyguard buy such good shoes for Gu Qing Yu with just a word from her. He was considerate and extremely rich.

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3 thoughts on “Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

  1. I’m wondering if someone in the novel will speculate ‘sir’ as an old man with a beer belly hahahaha. Obviously, the nickname of ‘sir’ is a bit misleading

  2. And no one even cares about the poor bodyguard who’s being stuffed with dogfood…

    Thank you for the chapter!

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