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Chapter 199 The enemy of an enemy was a friend

However, they all… didn’t have a chance!

Probably because she had spent quite a lot of money on Shao Zihan’s painting earlier, Shao Zihan had become more confident in himself and treated her well, as if he had completely forgotten how he felt about Gu Qing Yu at the beginning and only looked at her alone.

This satisfied Zhuang Jing.

But she hadn’t realized it was because Shao Zihan, through her connections, had met a lot of people in the entertainment industry, had sold the film and television rights to film companies for his novels, and one of them was already being prepared for filming. Shao Zihan knew it was all because of his relationship with Zhuang Jing; who made her the Zhuang family’s Eldest Miss? Even the small film and television company he had signed with had come about because they were giving the Zhuang family a trace of respect.

So he naturally coaxed Zhuang Jing, and even kept himself very clean during this time, not thinking about other women.

Zhuang Jing was very proud of herself because the girls around her were just asking about Shao Zihan when Shao Zihan, who had just come down from the stage, approached her gracefully and said he would wait for her outside to have lunch with her.

At once, Zhuang Jing felt the girls around her quieten down, looking at her with envy and jealousy.

Immensely proud, she nodded shyly when the girls asked her if Shao Zihan was her boyfriend.

The number of girls who envied and hated her increased.

This made Zhuang Jing feel smug.

It could be said that she had been showing off affection with Shao Zihan for the past half month of the school year and she was enjoying it until,

Gu Qing Yu started school.

She saw Gu Qing Yu from afar, and felt that Gu Qing Yu was even more beautiful than she remembered. Then she turned to look for Shao Zihan, only to find that he had padded over to Gu Qing Yu’s side to look at her painting, without even noticing that she had arrived!

Zhuang Jing’s face darkened instantly.

She didn’t like Gu Qing Yu in the first place, especially when she found out that her boyfriend had a crush on her and had wanted to get her brother’s girlfriend on her side but she didn’t expect Wei Ling Ling to be generous and then she met Gu Qing Yu and after watching Gu Qing Yu’s movie, became her fan??

Wei Ling Ling in turn advised her not to bother Gu Qing Yu, saying that Gu Qing Yu had a boyfriend now and that even if Shao Zihan had liked her before, she wouldn’t steal Shao Zihan from her, so that she shouldn’t be hostile towards Gu Qing Yu.

Zhuang Jing’s face had turned green with anger, but she couldn’t do anything. Who made both her brother and her future sister-in-law like Gu Qing Yu? Zhuang Jing had felt a little guilty at first because she had stolen Gu Qing Yu’s paintings, however the studio hadn’t called her to ask about it, so it seemed they either hadn’t noticed it was missing or didn’t know she had anything to do with it.

But after seeing Shao Zihan’s actions, all that guilt vanished!

Shao Zihan was still so nice to Gu Qing Yu! And he had been staring at Gu Qing Yu without taking his eyes off of her, could it be that was he still in love with her?

Furious, Zhuang Jing began to look for ways to torture Gu Qing Yu.

And then she heard about Lin Xiaoyi.

They were both in the same elective course, but Zhuang Jing despised Lin Xiaoyi, who was from a mediocre background, for stealing things, but then she discovered that Lin Xiaoyi didn’t like Gu Qing Yu and that she now had a criminal record because of her, which meant she had to hate Gu Qing Yu even more than she already did.

The enemy of an enemy was a friend, which was why Zhuang Jing took the initiative to approach Lin Xiaoyi, but she had no idea that Lin Xiaoyi once had a crush on Shao Zihan as well, so technically speaking, the two of them were the love rivals.

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3 thoughts on “Eldest Miss’s style isn’t right

  1. I’m sure there has to be an elegant Chinese phrase to describe someone who is such an idiot that they can’t even scheme their way out of a paper bag. That’s what we need in this situation.

    Thank you for the chapter!

  2. i forgot about that stolen painting. author really loves dragging things too long huh. no wonder a 300+ chapter novel feel so little has happened.

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