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Chapter 152 Have an owner

This didn’t prove that she was his. He…… wasn’t very satisfied with it.

Chen Ran breathed a sigh of relief after he took a look at the picture. This was better, because with this small section of the half of Sir’s face showing, probably no more than five people would be able to recognize him.

However, if those who had been attacking Sir saw it…..

Chen Ran hesitated, then advised, “Sir, it’s better to be cautious.”

Mu Xuan Qing lowered his eyelashes…

Cautious, low-key… passive…

This had been his usual style over the years and this style had indeed allowed him to avoid a lot of trouble, but….

Could he go on like this?

Always using this defensive evasion method? If he did, wouldn’t that mean he wouldn’t be able to get rid of those people for the rest of his life, and be unable to announce to everyone…

That Gu Qing Yu… was his?!

Even though many of the intimate moments with the men in the pictures were a matter of perspective, he could tell that some of them really had thoughts about Gu Qing Yu. At least that Duan Xing Yuan, even though he had been engaged today, still had thoughts about her….

His ring allowed him to grasp everything of Duan Xing Yuan’s in his hands…

Others were proud to receive his ring because it represented power and benefits, and they could indeed benefit a lot from it, but they didn’t realize that while they got it, they also had to give something in return.

The Duan family had gained a lot from the ring he had given them, whereas he had only used it to gain insight into Duan Xing Yuan’s movements.

The look in Mu Xuan Qing’s eyes slowly became firm as he said calmly: “Post it. Do you want to handle the hot search yourself?”


“Then you can handle it your way.”

Mu Xuan Qing looked at Chen Ran who nodded and told his men to stay out of it for now, but he was still curious. What was Gu Qing Yu going to do?

Just sending a picture to show that she had a boyfriend didn’t prove that she didn’t have a relationship with other men.

But he soon found out.

Gu Qing Yu posted the picture she had just taken on Weibo and added only three words – ‘Have an owner’.

The beautiful picture, the picture of the powerful kiss and the announced relationship instantly triggered an explosion on the hot searches.

The words ‘Gu Qing Yu has an owner’ instantly became a hot search item, but as Mu Xuan Qing stared at these six words, he felt that something wasn’t right.

She did have an owner, but who knew he was her ‘owner’?

The netizens were also wondering who this ‘owner’ was.

“Look at that jawline. Such a handsome guy, he’s not Zhuang Zi Yi, is he? They look a bit similar though?”

“Where do they look similar? Who told you that Zhuang Zi Yi has such good skin?”

“Although she has announced her relationship, it doesn’t prove that she’s not related to these men, right ?”

“You seem to have a point…”

“Hurry and take a look at the new revelation… that Shao Zihan is actually with Director Zhuang’s sister! They even attended the celebration party of Director Zhuang’s movie together a few days ago. Wow, there are so many intimate pictures….”

“Shao Zihan already has a girlfriend and Director Zhuang’s sister has even declared her sovereignty, so it should have nothing to do with Gu Qing Yu right? The pictures of Gu Qing Yu and him seem to be of a guy carrying things for a girl like a gentleman, which means there’s nothing going on between them, right?”

“Look, Stallone’s wife has posted a picture of she and her husband with Gu Qing Yu, and says they treat Gu Qing Yu as their daughter because she is so talented, smart and cute and they love her a lot…”

“That picture does look like he’s just giving her instructions, right?”

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