Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 66.2 Yan Hao blushed

Yan Hao spent half a day inspecting Black Soul and Savage Bull, then the three of them went to the base’s cafeteria together for lunch. This was Yan Hao’s first time in the base’s cafeteria. Previously, he had always stayed in the maintenance room.

“Savage Bull has no problems. Its internal system, mech parts and even its energy blocks are all sufficient, and its state is almost no different from when it arrived.” Yan Hao said about the two mechs. “The internal system of Black Soul is also fine, but some parts of the legs and right arm are broken. I’ve ordered new ones online and will go back to change them after we are done eating.”

“There’s no rush.” Sheng Heng picked some vegetables for Yan Hao and motioned for him to eat first.

“I see a lot of seniors come back to repair their mechs but then leave as soon as their mech is fixed.” Yan Hao explained.

“They’re trying to accumulate more points by killing more zergs, but we already have enough points.” Cheng Wenkang said proudly. “You earned over 5,000 selling energy blocks and boss was rewarded 1,000 for killing the mutant level six zerg. Our team, whether as a group or individually, is definitely in first place.”

“But…” Yan Hao said quietly, “I just spent a lot.”

“We already have almost 7,000 points, how much can you spend?”

“I spent 6,500 points.” Yan Hao said.

The moment his words fell, even Sheng Heng was stunned. Cheng Wenkang opened the points ranking board to check their team’s points immediately.

Team Yan Hao, ranked 10th: 645 points.

“How did we fall to the bottom?!” Cheng Wenkang shouted, unable to believe it.

Today was the fourth day of the assessment, and every team’s points, minus the points needed for maintenance and accommodation, was around 2,000. Their shiny, golden 7,000 something points that had ranked first yesterday evening was now gone.

[Hurry, Sheng Heng’s team has suffered a major drop in points. We have another chance at first place.]

[What’s the rush? Sheng Heng and Cheng Wenkang have both suffered mental attacks and need at least three days of rest, and Black Soul has serious damage. What’s more Yan Hao can’t repair it. I think their points will stay like this.]

[Exactly. They only have two people and only three days left. Even if Sheng Heng repairs Black Soul and comes back to kill 500 zergs every day, they still won’t be able to catch up to us.]

[First place is ours.]

[Get out, it’s ours.]

“These beasts, they are actually taking advantage of our precarious situation.” Looking at the messages from the group, Cheng Wenkang was so angry that he wanted to vomit blood.

“Should I sell more level 6 energy blocks these next two days?” Yan Hao suggested. Although he didn’t want to sell energy blocks to them anymore after finding out about the relationship between Qin Hu and Sima Mingxuan, in order to earn more points, he could only sell more.

“To Sima Mingxuan?” Sheng Heng asked.

“En.” Yan Hao nodded.

Sheng Heng’s brows furrowed and he was just about to find a reason to persuade him not to when he heard Cheng Wenkang say in surprise, “Yan Hao, you’re selling your level 6 energy blocks to Sima Mingxuan? You guys knew each other before?”

“No, I was selling them to Qin Hu before. I only found out this morning that Sima Mingxuan is Qin Hu’s team leader.” Yan Hao explained.

“Sima Mingxuan has already gained some fame in the military as a third-year student and last year he even reached the S-level in mental energy with the help of medicines, becoming the next leader of the Sima family. I heard that people from the Sima family are looking for someone to customize a Level 10 mech for him.” Cheng Wenkang said to Sheng Heng.

“S-level mental energy, of course they would want to try a level 10 mech.” Sheng Heng wasn’t too surprised. The Sima family wouldn’t hand over their Level 10 mech to the Sheng or Qin family, and if they wanted to gain power equivalent to those families, they would definitely find a way to customize a level 10 mech. Although level 10 mechs were expensive, the Sima family had the financial resources.

“It’s just mental energy boosted by medicine. Look at how proud the Sima family is.” Cheng Wenkang said scornfully.

“No matter how it was boosted, S-level is still S-level.” Sheng Heng replied.

“Boss, you were born with S-level mental energy. If it wasn’t for your hand injury…” Cheng Wenkang stopped, not continuing the thought.

Even if Sheng Heng was born with S-level mental energy, as a mech warrior, he would never be able to reach the top level without upgrading to a Level 10 mech.

“There’s still a problem,” Yan Hao suddenly said.

“What problem?” Sheng Heng looked at him.

“Mental energy boosted by medicine carries hidden dangers.” Yan Hao answered.

“Yes, after taking medicine to boost mental energy, there will be dizziness and other aftereffects for six months.” Cheng Wenkang, who didn’t have high a mental energy level had studied this a bit and thought that if he had the chance in the future, he would also take medicine to boost his mental energy.

“That’s just latent aftereffects.” Yan Hao told him.

“You mean there could be more serious aftereffects from taking medicine for mental energy?” Sheng Heng understood Yan Hao’s meaning. “But the Pharmacy Association has publicly stated that besides initial dizziness, there are no other aftereffects from mental energy-boosting medicine.”

“That’s because the boosted mental energy level isn’t high.” Yan Hao explained. “I’ve studied the effects of mental energy-boosting medicine and found that they stimulate brain activity in order to boost one’s mental energy. This kind of stimulation makes one’s mental energy more active than usual, and if this activity is expanded to a certain extent, it leads to mental frenzy.”

“But… I haven’t seen anyone who has taken the medicine have a mental frenzy before.” Cheng Wenkang said subconsciously.

“Let me give an example. If someone with mental energy below Level A uses the medicine, their mental energy activity level might increase by 2 or 4 times 1.1, but if they boost from A+ to S-level, it could be dozens or hundreds of times 1.9.” Yan Hao explained.

The two calculated quietly, then there was a sudden change in their expressions.

“Isn’t that being constantly on the verge of a mental frenzy?” Cheng Wenkang asked in shock.

“I’m just giving an example. The base number might be small, and if the medicine is well-controlled, it can also be suppressed. However, it’s definitely more prone to giving one a mental frenzy than others and thus shouldn’t be used often.” Saying this, Yan Hao looked at Sheng Heng. “So it’s still better to be born with it.”

“You said all this just to compliment me?” Sheng Heng asked after pondering for a moment.

“You were already much better than him to begin with.” In Yan Hao’s mind, Sheng Heng was much, much better than Sima Mingxuan.

“You’re also very good too.” Sheng Heng replied.


Sheng Heng met Yan Hao’s gaze in a moment of stillness, his eyes full of tenderness and a smile.

Perhaps it was because the two of them were too close at this moment, or perhaps it was because Yan Hao had never looked into someone’s eyes from such a close distance before, because he suddenly felt a little shy. Hurriedly averting his gaze, he picked up his bowl and chopsticks, “Ea… eat, the food’s getting cold.”

Yan Hao lowered his head to eat, feeling that his face was hotter than the rice in the bowl.

Touched in his heart, the smile in Sheng Heng’s eyes thickened. He looked down to continue eating, but then noticed that Cheng Wenkang, who had been sitting next to him earlier, had left at some point.

As expected of a brother.

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