Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 48.1 Gift

Yan Hao spent the night in anxiety, and the next morning rushed to the tenth floor with the pass card given by Old Pang to make up for the bow he hadn’t made yesterday, however he wasn’t able to make up for it. Old Pang wasn’t in the lab as he had a matter to attend to.

Professor Qin didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when he heard this. No wonder Yan Hao had reacted so calmly yesterday, it turns out he didn’t recognize him. However it wasn’t Yan Hao’s fault. Old Pang didn’t like to be in the limelight and there were hardly any TV interviews or anything about him and his reputation only resounded loudly in the mech circle. However many people had also only ever heard his name but had never seen him in person so it wasn’t surprising that Yan Hao, a freshman didn’t recognize him.

Professor Qin could only reassure Yan Hao that since Old Pang had accepted him as his disciple, he wouldn’t go back on his word, and that he should set his mind at ease and go back, advising him that he should study hard and become a good Mech Master as soon as possible, because that was what Old Pang liked the most.

After coming down from the tenth floor, Yan Hao intended to go to his laboratory, which was on the other side of the laboratory building, which meant he needed to go out through the door from the elevator, and then go through a long corridor to get to the other side of the lab building.

As Yan Hao walked towards the lab, he looked down at his light brain. He had sent a message to Sheng Heng this morning asking when he would arrive at school, but hadn’t heard back from him until now.

Could it be that he hadn’t gotten off the spaceship yet?

Just as Yan Hao was thinking this, a call came from afar.

“Little junior Yan Hao.”

Yan Hao looked up sharply and saw two familiar figures, one fat and one thin. They were precisely Cheng Wenkang and Sheng Heng who he hadn’t seen during the holidays. It was Cheng Wenkang who had called out to him and Sheng Heng was standing next to him, holding a box in his hand and looking at him with a smile on his face.

“Senior Cheng, Senior Sheng.” Yan Hao jogged up to greet them, “I was just wondering when you’d be back.”

“Sorry, I’m two days behind schedule.” Sheng Heng had called to notify Yan Hao and was supposed to be back two days earlier, but had been delayed.

“Boss went to a lot of trouble to buy this mech core for you.” Cheng Wenkang explained, “At first the people in the Military Department wouldn’t give it to us, but boss asked….”

“Fatty.” Sheng Heng glared at him.


“Nothing. This is a mech core made with a Tempest Stone. Want to see it?” Sheng Heng held the box out in front of him.

“En.” Yan Hao just felt that he was so lucky these past two days. First he had seen a level 7 mech, then seen a level 9 mech, then Old Pang took him as his disciple and now he was able to touch the core of a mech made with a Tempest Stone.

“Let’s go to your lab.” Sheng Heng proposed.

“Okay.” The three of them walked together to the lab and once they entered, Yan Hao took the box eagerly from Sheng Heng, opened it, then stared at the cyan mech core inside, his eyes almost turning straight.

Sheng Heng couldn’t help but feel a burst of amusement when he saw his fascinated expression. It was only after waiting for him to look to his fill that he pretended to be dissatisfied: “When I received the message from you when I got off the spaceship, I thought it’s because my little junior had missed me because he hadn’t seen me since the holidays started. Now it seems that all you want is this mech core.”

“No, no, I missed senior.” Yan Hao said hurriedly.

Sheng Heng’s eyes glowed: “Really?”

“En.” Yan Hao nodded his head, then in order to more truly express how much he missed him, even went straight to Sheng Heng and under Sheng Heng’s surprised expression, put his hands around his waist and hugged him tightly.

“!!”Cheng Wenkang.

“What….. what are you doing?” Sheng Heng’s body stiffened, his brain freezing a little.

“He Shao said, the tighter the hug, the more it shows that you’ve missed the person.” Yan Hao explained, then as if he was afraid that Sheng Heng wouldn’t feel how much he had missed him, hugged his waist again tightly.

He had wanted to put his arms around his shoulders like He Shao had done, but Sheng Heng was a head taller than him and it would take too much effort to put his arms around his shoulders, so he simply put them around his waist.

“It turns out it’s like this. I thought……” Sheng Heng looked lost, but really, this was normal. His little junior wouldn’t have this kind of passionate character even if he was enlightened.

Feeling that the hug had finished expressing what he felt, Yan Hao let go, “I also prepared a gift for senior, senior will definitely like it.”

“A gift?” Sheng Heng was a little surprised.

But no matter what the gift was, Yan Hao’s thoughtfulness made him very happy.

Yan Hao was just about to say something when Cheng Wenkang suddenly coughed with a wicked smile on his face, “Ahem, little junior, I haven’t seen you since the holidays either. Did you miss me?”

“A little bit.” Yan Hao replied truthfully. Compared to He Shao and Sheng Heng, Yan Hao had missed Cheng Wenkang less intensely, however he had thought of him occasionally too.

“Just a little?!” Cheng Wenkang felt as if he had courted humiliation.

“Pfft~” Sheng Heng laughed out loud unreservedly, not giving him even the little bit of face.

Cheng Wenkang was already feeling humiliated, so when he saw the way Sheng Heng was laughing at him, he paused for a moment then didn’t even try to act human anymore. Raising a brow, he opened his arms then lifted his chin in Yan Hao’s direction: “Then little junior, come and express your little bit of missing.”

Smiling, Yan Hao turned around to give Cheng Wenkang a hug, but when Sheng Heng saw this, his face turned cold then he kicked Cheng Wenkang in the crook of his leg, causing him to crouch down immediately with a scream.

Yan Hao who had hugged the air asked worriedly, “Senior Cheng, what’s wrong with you?”

“His legs have cramped up after sitting in the spaceship for too long.” Sheng Heng said while he gave Cheng Wenkang a dagger like glare, “Since your legs are cramping, why don’t you hurry back to the dormitory to rest.”

“Then, Senior Cheng, go back to your dormitory and rest, or you can put your legs in the solution made for the hand injury. It will work in five minutes.” Yan Hao added.

“Ok, I’ll go back now….. to soak a little cutie.” After saying this, Cheng Wenkang ran out as fast as he could, not giving Sheng Heng the chance to give him a second kick.

“Senior Cheng can still run so fast, it seems that the cramp isn’t serious.” Yan Hao observed.

“Forget about him. You just said you had a gift for me, what is it?” Sheng Heng asked.

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