Vicious male counterpart isn’t competing anymore [Rebirth]

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Chapter 20

Sheng Heng was very fast. He had just promised to deliver the mech yesterday and today he brought the energy storage bin with the mech to Yan Hao.

Yan Hao was very happy, because although it was an old mech that had become obsolete, it was enough for him as a beginner, moreover, it was his own mech that he could touch and study at any time.

Since he got the mech, Yan Hao had reduced the time he used to make energy blocks and spent a lot of money to rent a laboratory to study the mech day and night. As He Shao watched him staring at the mecha with fascination, he couldn’t help but ask, “This mecha is a gift from Senior Sheng Heng?”

“Hmm.” Yan Hao didn’t even raise his head as he drew the wiring diagram of the mecha on the paper. He had always wanted to master the entire circuitry of a mech and previously he had only been able to read the circuitry of the mech’s parts from books and try to connect them together himself. Now that he had a real mecha, he could finally test his guesses.

Although he would learn all of this knowledge later, he would gain more from studying it himself.

“Mechs are very expensive.” He Shao couldn’t help but remind him that a mech, even the cheapest one, cost several hundred million star coins, so for Yan Hao, who was worth tens of millions of dollars, this was an astronomical figure.

“I know.” Yan Hao still didn’t look up.

“Don’t you feel any pressure from holding it?” From what He Shao knew about Yan Hao, he didn’t like to take advantage of others. In the past, he would chase after him to return the money for the few energy materials he had helped out with.

“No.” It turns out that energy storage bins were used to power weapons in this way. Yan Hao highlighted that with a red line then went back to studying it again.

You’d be stressed if you took tens of thousands of your own star coins, but you wouldn’t be stressed if you took hundreds of millions from Senior Sheng Heng.

“I understand.” He Shao felt that he had seen the inner workings of Yan Hao’s heart.

“Ah, you know the functional system of the energy storage bin? Then please explain it to me.” Yan Hao looked up sharply, his eyes shining as he looked at He Shao.

“…… This is sophomore knowledge, I don’t know how to do it.” He Shao collapsed. He was a low level student okay? Why did he have to ask him about such advanced knowledge?

“Oh. When you said you understand just now, I thought…..” Yan Hao didn’t say anything after that as he continued to look down to draw his line diagram.

“……” Don’t think I don’t know that you despise me.

He Shao didn’t bother to talk to Yan Hao anymore, going to the side to study the level 4 energy block. Thanks to Yan Hao, he was also in the lab every day and although he wasn’t as dedicated as Yan Hao was, he could already rank among the top five in the class in terms of energy block achievement.

After successfully creating a level 4 energy block with 77.56% efficiency, He Shao felt that he could take a proper rest, because at this rate, he would soon be able to create a master level 4 energy block and this achievement had already exceeded the goal he had set for himself after entering university.

Turning his head to look at Yan Hao, he found that he was still studying the mecha, so He Shao didn’t bother him. Instead, he opened his light brain, wanting to see if there was any interesting news recently. He scrolled through the news item by item – from the war on the front lines to entertainment news, to federal finance and finally to the science section.

Fei Teng had developed a mental connection system that reduced the physical demands on mech warriors.

“Appropriate reduction, that is, not much reduction. If it could be reduced by one level, it would have been released.” There was a difference between a mech warrior and a mech builder. To build a mech, all that was needed was a high mental energy level of the builder to create a high level mech and even if the mental energy level wasn’t high, as long as the design could be drawn, it could be assembled by someone else.

But mech warriors were different. In addition to a high level of mental energy, mech warriors also needed a strong physique as one couldn’t be without the other. If the mental energy level was too low, even if their physique was strong, they wouldn’t be able to use the mech to its maximum capacity. In the same way, even if the mental energy was high, without a strong physique, the mech master wouldn’t be able to keep up with the speed of his hands when piloting the mech, and he wouldn’t be able to control the mech freely.

Therefore, the federal mecha companies, the military, and the Academy of Sciences were all studying the mecha mental energy connection system. They were trying to let people with high mental energy level but not strong physical strength pilot mechs. As for people with low mental energy level, they were no longer considered because all powerful weapons nowadays basically required mental energy.

Of course, the Federation was also working on researching mental sedatives and the Pharmacist Association had spent a lot of money on researching mental sedatives.

He Shao suddenly saw a message and couldn’t help but run over to Yan Hao.

“Yan Hao, Yan Hao, take a look at this.”

Yan Hao turned his head in confusion and saw the news headline displayed on the screen of He Shao’s light brain: [Level 6 or higher sedatives price increased by 50 percent overnight].

“The price of the medication has increased, what happened?” Yan Hao was puzzled.

“Medicine increasing in price is not unusual, but this kind of sudden price increase is problematic. The price of goods increases because of a change in the relationship between supply and demand, so this kind of increase must have been caused by the massive loss of sedatives in the market.” He Shao’s family was in the business sector, so he was sensitive to such things.

“You’re saying there’s been a massive purchase of sedatives? But isn’t there a federal monopoly on them? No one would dare to stockpile them.” Yan Hao said.

“Which means that the person who bought in bulk was probably the federal government or the military. It’s possible that the front line is short of sedatives.” He Shao’s expression turned grave.

Yan Hao was stunned as he couldn’t help but recall his previous life. It seems there was no news of a shortage of medicine at the front lines during this time in his previous life. Moreover, because at this time Yan Fei had replaced the Purple Orchid with Moonflower herb, it made it easier to make sedatives, which also reduced the price of level 6 sedatives by a lot.

“Look, look here. The Pharmacists Association has also issued a document encouraging all pharmacists in the Federation to make more sedatives, and if anyone can make a breakthrough in this area, they would be rewarded with one billion star coins in research funding.” He Shao continued, “These two messages were issued one after the other, which means there is indeed a shortage of medicines on the front lines.”

Yan Hao’s expression became heavy. How come Yan Fei still hadn’t worked out the method of making level 6 sedatives?

“Forget it, we can’t help even if we’re anxious. Come on, let’s go eat.” He Shao turned off the light brain and dragged Yan Hao out to eat together.

The two of them left the lab and went to the cafeteria and just when they were about to finish eating, they suddenly saw Cheng Wenkang running in from outside in a hurry.

“Senior Cheng.” He Shao waved in greeting when he saw him.

Cheng Wenkang paused in his ran to the window, smiled at them before continuing to walk to the window then asked for two take-aways.

“Won’t you eat in the canteen?” He Shao asked curiously.

“It’s for Heng Ge. He hasn’t eaten anything since this morning so I’ll take it back first.” Cheng Wenkang said.

“Why hasn’t he eaten anything?” Yan Hao asked, confused.

Cheng Wenkang frowned as he said, “Have you seen today’s news online? The price of sedatives has increased.”

“I know, He Shao said that there might be a shortage of medication at the front lines.” Yan Hao nodded.

“Yes. Three days ago, the zergs launched a siege and one of them mutated with a terrible ability that makes any soldier who hears its cry in danger of a mental riot, that’s why there is a serious shortage of mental sedatives on the front line. Ordinary soldiers are fine, but some leading non-commissioned officers and generals need advanced sedatives.” Cheng Wenkang replied. “Heng Ge’s older brother is on the battlefield so he is now buying sedatives all over the city, planning to send them there.”

“But now that the price of sedatives has suddenly risen, many people in the market are afraid they wouldn’t be able to buy sedatives in the future so they are already scrambling to buy some. Heng Ge has searched all the shopping malls in the city but could only buy three doses.” Cheng Wenkang sighed, “I really hope the Pharmacists Association can quickly find a way to reduce the difficulty of making mental sedatives, otherwise, it will be chaotic for a while.”

It wasn’t that he was afraid of there being chaos, but that some people would go into a mental rage and collapse without the sedatives. If that happened, there would be a lot of trouble.

When Yan Hao heard this, his hand trembled so violently that the chopsticks he was holding fell to the ground with a snap.

Was this change because of him?

“Little junior, don’t be afraid, it’s not as exaggerated as you think it is. The soldiers at the front will definitely stop those zergs, they won’t let them come inside.” Cheng Wenkang comforted, thinking his severe words had frightened Yan Hao.

“I’m off. I have to go out this afternoon to buy some medicine too, although the chances of getting it is slim.” Cheng Wenkang waved his hand then left.

After Cheng Wenkang left, the two of them lost their appetite. He Shao pulled Yan Hao, who was preoccupied with him: “Come, let’s go back to the laboratory.”

Yan Hao looked at He Shao then suddenly said, “He Shao, I want to use the super light brain.”

Super light brains had a huge computing system compared to personal ones and were usually only used for extremely large computations. They were extremely expensive and were only used by research institutions that required large amounts of computing.

And being the highest federal institution, the Federal University had to have one, but ordinary students had to pay an expensive fee to use it. In his previous life, he had been given the green light to use a super light brain by his teachers in the pharmacy department but in this life, he would have to find a way to use it himself.

“You want to calculate something?” He Shao asked.

“Yes. I want to calculate something.” Yan Hao nodded his head.

Yan Hao knew that if he calculated the optimal solution for the Level 6 sedative as he had done in his previous life, Yan Fei’s Moonflower herb would be put to great use and become famous in one battle, but although he didn’t want to be a stepping stone for Yan Fei to soar to great heights, he couldn’t bear to see the soldiers on the front line die because of this.

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